Seems like EDM is about to hit Broadway!

What is the Cosmic Opera?

To be quite honest, we have no f***ing clue! But it looks pretty sweet and the trailer (below) is kinda epic!
They’re tagging it as:

“A revolutionary music experience!”


“An event series that will
change dance music forever!!”


“An extrasensory dance event series.”


The only real information available on the Cosmic Opera is that it will happen in February 2011 in New York City. It’s slated to be a series of events with a core team of innovative talents from the worlds of music, film, science, production, technology, theater, marketing and beyond. It seems to be a meeting of all minds creative. They’ve also got some sort of Twitter hype machine going on with the tag #cosmicopera. You can stay informed at


Stay tuned, we guess!!!

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  1. thrillanyall says:

    this video is the shit. only a good event can come from this

  2. timechangesthings says:

    cosmic opera openers named via a youtube preview. lineup is Axwell, Deniz Koyu, No Id, Thomas Gold check that hot stuff out

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