The New Face of Glow - Echostage & Josephine

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Friday, August 24, 2012, 8:05pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:14pm) Add comments

Experience the Evolution of Glow
Large-scale events will now happen on a per-night basis at Echostage.
Thursdays will now happen every week at Josephine.

As we say goodbye to Lima and Fur Nightclub and express the warmest appreciation for the many years of hospitality and memories, we can’t help but feel excited for what lies ahead.

Yes, it’s a bittersweet goodbye. But it’s also a happy time, a time of many changes that we feel will define DC Nightlife for many years to come.

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Thursdays – Josephine (no more Lima)

We’re moving Thursdays from Lima to Josephine to better accommodate the fans. Josephine features an open layout and a good size main-room capacity that we feel is ideal for an intimate Thursday night. The sunken area, known as “The Pit,” will no longer feature bottle service on Thursdays, but rather exist purely as a dance floor. The back room will be open, overlooking the main floor, for people to relax and enjoy the music.

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Saturdays – Echostage (no more Fur)

Dance music is at an all time high and we can finally bring more massive concert productions to DC! Instead of weekly Saturday club nights, Glow at Echostage will happen on a ‘per-night’ basis. This allows us to produce mega events with many of the world’s biggest DJs performing on the same night. We will still do shows almost every week, sometimes twice. But GLOW at Echostage will not be an every Saturday Event. Imagine: a massive room, glowing LED walls, pounding bass, thousands of people and your dream EDM artist line-ups. It can be any night of the week. It all depends on availability.

All our events will be 18+ with no dress code which is what the Artists want anyway. Speaking of Artists, get ready for an exciting Fall of Glow Events. We hope that you’ll continue the support!

Coming Soon to Josephine:

Adrian Lux, Danny Avila, Deniz Koyu, John Dahlback, Sultan & Shepard, Tommy Trash  and more!

Coming Soon to Echostage:

Armin van Buuren, 2 Days of Avicii, dBerrie, Dayglow After Party, Jochen Miller, Nero (Steez Promo), R3hab, Sander van Doorn, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Zeds Dead (Steez Promo) and more!

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  1. markus says:

    Over the years Lima has accommodated their venue to best suit EDM events by providing a nice view of the DJ booth and decent size dance floor in respect to the size of the actual venue. Although Josephine has a bigger dance floor even with bottle service removed, still does not provide a great view of the DJ booth nor does it present as fun of an experience as Lima has. Something as simple as the dumb chandeliers blocking view of the DJ take away from the whole experience. I hope all the little things that Lima did to improve the overall experience at their venue are addressed in the same fashion over at Josephine. As far as the Echostage goes, this has been long awaited by the all DC EDM fans. It’s time to put DC on the MAP so that we can stand up against venues like PACHA, AMNESIA, MANSION, etc… Thank you Glow!

  2. Mike says:

    Why would you rent, refurbish and host concerts at a venue located in one of the sketchiest areas of DC? This area of town is ever more ghetto than Fur, so it won’t be much of an improvement from that rape pit. Do deliberately want your patrons to get mugged in the way home?

  3. Viktor says:

    Love the idea – space, quality sound, DJs…. I am big trance fan and have been waiting for the first real house venue like that for ages. BUT safety first! Who will go there at night? Are you guys crazy? Imagine calling a taxi at 3am to that area. Or do you want us to get drunk and drive back home?

  4. Pat says:

    I will be visiting the area in Nov and was hoping to go and check this out. I do see some of the comments re: safety. Can you please shed more light on that, since I usually go alone? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I usually take either metro or taxi but want to make sure it will be safe.

  5. O says:

    Mike/Viktor/Pat – Echostage has door to door shuttle services from the venue to the metro station up until 2:30AM. At that point the shuttles will take guests to the convention center taxi stand until 4AM. Safety is a priority at Echostage

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