Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 3:57pm. (Updated: 10/31/12 at 6:27pm) Add comments

But in this case they certainly do…
Tommy Trash pres. Truffle Pig. Release Date: November 6

Tommy Trash brings us his latest single “Truffle Pig” out on Fool’s Gold Records which will undoubtedly be a dance-floor hit when released on November 6th on Beatport. Who would have ever guessed Trash and a pig who searches for fungus would sound so harmonious (thank you Tommy).

What the heck is a truffle pig anyway, and why did he decide to name his tune that?

Upon researching the depths of Google, we found that a truffle pig is a pig who simply searches for truffles (a certain type of fungus found only in the forests of Europe and North America). Maybe Tommy was hinting that the pigs are looking for shrooms. Who knows.

Watch the preview of “Truffle Pig” below:

In this case, one man’s trash is certainly another man’s treasure.

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