What has Mauro Picotto Done for you Lately?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 6:40pm. (Updated: 11/09/13 at 5:11pm) Add comments

While relatively quiet in the US as of late, Mauro has been busy behind the scenes in his native Italy planning an open-air, underground festival known as Alchemy Festival.

In addition to hosting Alchemy, to be held in his native hometown of Cavour in June, Mauro is also hosting a DJ contest where the winner will be flown to Italy for a headlining gig next to man himself!

For more information visit mauropicotto.com

With over two decades in the industry, Mauro Picotto is a name synonymous with success. An early pioneer of techno and tech-house, Picotto’s connection with Glow dates back to DC nightlife’s #1 party’s early beginnings. His hits include classics like Komodo, Iguana and Lizard, earning him the nickname “The Lizard Man.”
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