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Echostage, DC’s largest concert venue and Club Glow’s home, turns 3 years old this month! Boasting its D&B Audiotechnik V Series sound system, LED visuals, lasers and CO2 cannons, Echostage is a guaranteed awesome time, every time. Since 2012, the venue has hosted some of the world’s top DJs such as Above and Beyond, Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Tiesto etc. with Kaskade and Disclosure in this fall’s upcoming lineup. 

This weekend is dedicated to celebrate Echostage, both of its 60ft bars (open bar 9-10pm!!!) — and to dancing the weekend away with a clear view (no matter where you are) of the stage!

Friday, September 18th Echoversary welcomes Tchami and Don Diablo! Here’s a few fun facts about the two who are getting the weekend-long party started! Happy Echoversary!


Don Diablo and Tchami.


Real name: Martin Bresso
  • The name Tchami was given to him while traveling in Africa.
  • Created the new genre future house — on accident! Future House was used as a defiant joke. There were no initial intentions of launching a new genre. 
    • To Tchami, “future house is about making music blended with something that doesn’t exist in this genre yet”
  • Inspired most by Parisian DJs DJ Mehdi and Point Point 10694209_10154752456815713_3978628135038725099_o
  • Helped co-write 2013’s hit “Turn Down for What” alongside his friend and fellow Parisian DJ, DJ Snake

  • 2013 Tchami’s remix of Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” got him noticed
  • Released his first original track “Promesses” in 2014, followed by a music video in 2015:


  • Interviews with Tchami are only done through emails.
  • He wears the cleric outfit simply because he likes it and feels it is “classy and spiritual too that could fit with the vibe of my music”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.45.48 PM

Tchami is not really a priest.



  • Signed and released his first record at 14 years old.
    • Initially wanted to be a director.
    • Produced his first song because he needed music for a film he was making.
    • If he were to stop DJing, he would direct a movie or write a book.
  • Don Diablo has a radio show called The Hexagon 
  • In 2010 he played a session of #GlowThursdays at Lima Lounge
  • His 2012 song “Artist Inside” was originally a note Diablo wrote for his father who was sick in the hospital and passed before receiving it. Diablo turned the note into “Artist Inside”.
  • The music video is a representation of the circle of life.
  •  Artist Inside became the most played song at funerals
  • “Starlight (Could you be mine?)” became a club anthem

  • In 2014, Diablo played a free show in LA disguised as an old man to represent his dad, which is in his music video “Back to Life”  

    • Diablo’s icon is Batman!
      • 2013 Warner Brothers asked him to do the song for Batman: Arkham Origins video game
    • He executive produces every music video and even made the “Anytime” music video by himself.
      • In 2014, Diablo finished the song “Anytime” in THREE HOURS


    • Uses anarchy symbol in his logo. 
      • He embraces musical anarchy — he sees it as being able to produce whatever you want in the name of music.
    • Once said if he played a set with no crowd pleasers and only 100% what he felt “it would turn out really weird”
    • He customizes his own clothes
    • Is not a fan of iTunes and Beatport. However, he loves Soundcloud because the music is free and easily accessible.



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