Beef | Rusko vs. Deadmau5, Round 1

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 1:10am. (Updated: 11/09/13 at 5:14pm) Add comments

EDM is hardly new to beef, although unlike hip-hop, most EDM drama occurs behind the scenes and doesn’t usually make it past the backstage area. But with social networking where it is today, feuds have the ability to erupt in extremely public settings.

First Marcus Schossow, Maor Levi and DJ Eco… Actually, first all DJs, as Deadmau5 once referred to all DJs as ‘cunts’ (sorry ladies, that’s a direct quote). A few years back Schossow was supposed to open for the mau5 but after Levi, Eco and Marcus made their ‘deadrat6’ tracks, Deadmau5 informed promoters that if Schossow was allowed in the club that he (the mau5) would refuse to play. Security refused to allow Marcus entry and so the story of Deadmau5 the hater began.

And now the story continues. Dub step artist Rusko (who will be at Electric Zoo) recently tweeted that an unnamed DJ complained to security about how he was burning one backstage at an event. That artist was later named as Deadmau5, and Rusko was very clear about what he planned to do if he ever saw the mau5 again.

““so a dj with a HUGE ego last night threw a huge bitchy hissy fit at me last night for smokin weed in the backstage…I told him to fuckoff and he ran for some security like a little pussy bitch!!!!!”

“next time I see u ima snap u like a twig u skinny little CUNT…and I will fuckin see u…”

to which Deadmau5 responded

“i mean, props to him for ridding my tail to get himself some free publicity and all that… but are the threats really nesciscary? im not one to speak against people who “say stupid shit on twitter” … because i do it ALL THE TIME… i, however, have never, and will never threaten violence to anyone in that context. it’s fucking childish. so if the little child wants his attention… well look… he’s certainly got it. cool fuckin story bro… but why u mad? anyways, i hope he grows up and hopefully figures out that “making good music” sells your profile, and not making up some dumbfuck dressing room story and including my name in it for fuckin entertainment’s sake. and thats all im going to say about that.”


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