Caught at Glow! Round 35

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 12:05pm. (Updated: 6/15/17 at 2:42pm) Add comments

Let’s see who was Caught at Glow…

How it works:

Every two weeks, we look for fans showing love for Glow with hashtags #ClubGlow, #Echostage, #CaughtAtGlow or who have checked in to Echostage or Soundcheckdc on Instagram and Twitter. It can be a picture of anything! Not just a picture from a show (although we do love those pics). Share with us how you show off your Glow, Echostage and Soundcheckdc pride! Dress your animals up. Dress your grandma up. Show us your Glow love and we’ll show love back. Each of the five winners gets a pair (2) of tickets for an upcoming show of their choice (this does not include festivals). Good luck!

Winners, please contact:


Stay hydrated

A post shared by Caytie Silvera (@caytielalala) on

Hydration is key to a good time tbh

Nice picture! Enjoy 2 free tickets to your next Glow show!

#LondonGrammar – #HeyNow (#ARTY #remix @artymusic #artyomstolyarov (ARTY, #Alpha9)) #progressivehouse

A post shared by Samuel Kitange (@smmm_msss) on

Isn’t Alpha9 just amazing??

Gotta love when you can meet your fav artists! Here are 2 free tickets to your next Glow show!

So glad you got to finally see Andrew Rayel! Enjoy two free tickets for your Glow adventure!


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  1. Wendy Ryan says:

    I posted the picture of the girl raising her arms at the Galantis concert. How do I claim tickets?

    Thanks so much!


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