Club Prep 101

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Friday, June 7, 2013, 7:10pm. (Updated: 6/07/13 at 8:31pm) Add comments

Your favorite DJ is coming to town!
You and your friends are f***ing psyched.
So how do you make sure the night goes smooth?
(words by Josh van Dyk. edited by Ravi)

BE PREPARED! And no, we don’t mean by stocking up on kandi and bro tranks.

edm festival people

Ok so it’s not a bro tank. It’s better. It’s a BRO TIE!!! BROOOO!!!!

  1. Buy your ticket.Don’t expect to get your tickets at the door or to cop some the week of the event. It’s possible the event is sold out or the tickets you bought from that guy on the event page are fake. Besides, it’s cheaper when you buy early. Save yourself a couple dollars and the hassle of meeting up with some random guy from Craigslist.

3rd party edm festival tickets

  1. Plan your transportation and lodging.Saving both of those for the last minute can make it a real hassle, especially if you’re driving from far out. It’s as simple as making a FB status tagging your friends. You prefer an email or text thread? Great. Just try to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Hydrate and stretch… seriously!It’s the day of the event. Act like you’re going to a marathon, cause if you dance like us, you are. Drink water not 4loko. You’ll be sweating lots and heat strokes (especially at festivals) are no laughing matter. Eat something healthy before you get to the venue. McDonalds is fine… if you don’t mind the port-a-potties at Electric Zoo.
    dirty porta potty

    This not an actual port-a-potty from Electric Zoo. We actually love Electric Zoo. Just sayin… you don’t wanna poop in one of these things.

    (Editor’s Note: My JV soccer coach told us to chill with the roughage. My varsity soccer coach told us to eat pancakes but make sure we emptied out before warm-ups.)

    Focus on protein and carbs. Dancing is a workout, treat it as such. A glass of skim milk will slow down digestion, leaving you feeling satisfied longer. Seafood, white meat, dairy and wheat bread are all straight.

healthy workout food

  1. 4. Get a DD… seriously.F*** you if you drive drunk. It’s a dick move. If you have a crew, alternate who takes one for the team. Or buy the DD dinner and a ticket. Find something to make it worthwhile for the designated driver. DUIs can be expensive.
  2. DUI check point sign

Party hard, plan smart, stay safe. There’s nothing wrong with partying hard… until it f***s you.

And this is why you see people at festivals with monkeys on top of sticks:
prep meet

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