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Cosmic Gate arrives at Club Glow on 1/22/11 to deliver DC Clubbing a preview of their highly anticipated ‘Back 2 the Future’ remix album.

Release Date: January 24th, 2011

Remixes By: Robbie Rivera, Markus Schulz, Rank1, John O’Callaghan and more (full track listing below)

“Back 2 The Future is an album born largely out of necessity for us. Wherever we DJ, we’re always inundated with requests to play tracks from the first two Cosmic Gate albums. As time goes by, sounds change and have been re-arranged, and it’s become progressively tougher to program these classic tracks into our live sets. We still love them…but in their current form, they no longer sit right. We decided to remedy the situation.”

– Bossi

“We thought we’d start by testing the waters with a couple of tracks that we’d reworked to play out, and the responses we got were really something. That pushed us towards doing a full album. Bossi and I are inspired by so many different types of electronic dance music, so while we wanted plenty of trance remixes on there, we also felt it would be good to spread the remixes wide and bring other genres of EDM into play.”

– Nic Chagall

“Exploration Of Space” (Cosmic Gate’s Back 2 The Future Remix)
“Fire Wire” (Cosmic Gate’s Back2The Future Remix)
“Raging” ft. Jan Johnston (Duderstadt Remix)
“Back To Earth” (Jochen Miller Remix)
“Human Beings” (Estiva Remix)
“The Truth” (Cold Blue Remix)
“Fire Wire” (Rank 1 Remix)
“The Drums” (Markus Schulz Remix)
“Melt To The Ocean” (John O’Callaghan’s Main Room Remix)

“Back To Earth” (Arty Remix)
“Fire Wire” (Wippenberg Remix)
“Raging” ft. Jan Johnston (Alexander Popov Remix)
“Exploration Of Space” (Spencer & Hill Remix)
“The Drums” (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)
“Fire Wire” (DJ Delicious ReWire Fire Mix)
“Human Beings” (Daniel Kandi’s Human Society Remix)
“Exploration Of Space” (Dirty Herz Rave-O-Lution Remix)
“Fire Wire” (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
“Human Beings” (Arnej Remix)

Expect fireworks (or Fire Wire Works ;-)) when Cosmic Gate arrive at Club Glow on 1/22/11. A favorite of DC nightlife, Chagall and Bossi have spinning DC clubs since the early days of Glow and continue to give us chills every time out!

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