Cosmic Gate Discuss their Roots in DC, the Future of Trance + More

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Cosmic Gate

Exclusive Interview

We sat down with Nic and Bossi in anticipation of their upcoming ‘Start To Feel’ show at Echostage 2/7; alongside Norwegian trance and progressive producer, Ørjan Nilsen!

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First off, welcome back to DC guys, how are you guys doing? 

Thank you very much guys, we are good, always a pleasure to come back and hang with the crew in DC!

You guys are basically residents here, how would you compare DC and Echostage to the other cities and venues you guys play at all over the world?

Its true, we been part of the first few international DJs that Pete and Antonis booked back in 2000 or so, we came a long way together. DC was our first show in the US together with Miami,and since then it always has a special place in our hearts, for this reason, plus because the parties are always simply crazy good!!! 🙂

What was your most memorable show in DC, and why?

Thats hard to say, cause we had so many during the years, but our show in August for our Start To Feel Bus Tour sure was fantastic, Echostage brings together the best from club and big hall feel in one, perfect for our sound!!!

How would you describe the dance music scene here in DC, and how it has progressed throughout the years?

This is a little bit hard to say for us, because as said we have played for Club Glow/Echostage from day one, went through the years and different venues together. So for us the DC scene always was great and alive, people that are in know what they are doing, learned their business in the early days from scratch, and lead the scene with all the changes it went through to the amazing Echostage, which is one of the by far best venues for us in the US.


What was the track you guys had the most fun producing in your album, “Wake Your Mind?

Every song happens somehow differently with us, some go very easy, some you turn and twist around a few times, but in the end its always fun, otherwise a track will not get finished,we better search for new ideas till that fun moment is back on a track.

How did you guys come up with the name for your new album, ‘Start to Feel’?

When we produced the album, worked on first demos and songs, we pretty fast felt that we went down that more melodic way, write real songs, music that touched us, not really following the EDM road at all. When Cary Brothers came up with his Vocal for Start To Feel, we felt this name is pretty much wrapping up the feeling of the album, its a theme for and the idea behind it, so after Wake Your Mind his song writing skills again delivered a perfect title for us and our music, thank you buddy! 🙂

What do you think about the future of Trance?

We see Trance not as the typical just floaty kind of long break music, for us Trance goes wider, its simply a feeling that music gives to us. For example certain Eric Prydz tracks have trance influences, a lot even EDM tracks use trance influences, so for us Trance by far is not dead, it just evolves on in many different styles, the back to 138 is big in the underground, a lot of young producers on Anjunabeats or Enhanced to mention just two push it ahead, so we think even with house and EDM be quite overwhelming these days, Trance is still there, and hopefully will be ready for a big comeback, things always go in circles…

Lastly, what new things can we expect from Cosmic Gate in 2015?

We just finished the mixing for a new Mix Album that will be out end of march. The name will be Wake Your Mind Session 001. It contains new Music and Remixes of ours, some of our club favorites from the last monthsbut also brand new and unreleased tracks, check it out, if you like our sets we are sure you like WYM Sessions as well! Furthermore there will be new singles and collaborations released in 2015, our Start To Feel tour continues,we keep it busy, and are looking forward to seeing you guys at Echostage hopefully twice!!!

Words by Halil Ozi Çakar

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