Do we really have to say anything else?

Voting is open from July 28 to September 23.

This is your chance to show love to your favorite DJs.

Do you vote based on your best club experience? Your favorite productions of the year? Whatever it is, now is the time to do it!!!

But remember, you may not want to pop your cherry just yet. Voting is open until the third week of September, which leaves lots of time for DJs to woo you.

DJ Magazine

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  1. […] not like he needed to, but Marco V made a strong case for your DJ Magazine Top 100 vote on Thursday night. The poll often draws criticism for being nothing more than a popularity contest […]

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  3. […] say he passed the torch, because after the year he’s had, Sean Tyas is only moving further up in the EDM hierarchy. Trance never left, it certainly showed its face at Glow Saturday night, and it sure as hell is not […]

  4. […] The excitement grew exponentially in the months leading up to the east coast’s largest outdoor dance music festival. As Made Event slowly leaked name after name, online forums buzzed, music publications scrambled to get the scoop and electronic dance music fans across the country waited to see who the next name added to the line up would be. When all was said and done, some 70+ DJs including 1/5 of the DJ Mag Top 100 (five of the top 10) were on the billing. […]

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