La Fleur @ Soundcheck - 12.6.15

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La Fleur

December 5th, 2015

Doors 10PM | No dress code | Ages 18+

Soundcheck | 1420 K St. NW Washington, DC

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la fleurrrr

La Fleur defies categorization; A dancer turned DJ, a technician fueled by artistic instinct, a pharmacist who found alchemy in creative control. Hers is a story that is constantly evolving, and one that she insists on telling her own way. Music is at the core of everything that La Fleur sets her mind to, and it’s the native tongue she uses to articulate her voice as a DJ, producer, label owner, fashion designer, radio host and mixed media artist.

Government name: Sanna Engdahl

Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Label: Power Plant Records

Where she got such a lovely stage name: it’s actually her middle name

Dances that she’s studied: ballet, salsa, oriental

Her list of the top 5 tracks from this year:


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