Markus Schulz at Soundcheck - 12.28.18

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Club Glow Presents

Markus Schulz

Friday, December 28th, 2018

Doors 10PM | No dress code | Ages 18+

Soundcheck | 1420 K St. NW Washington, DC



It’s night, again, and Markus Schulz is doing that thing he does. Industrial and strobe-lit, condensation falling from the walls, he’s giving Arizona’s “The Works”… the works. 2000 ravers are caught in the thrall. Things will be getting far hotter before they get any cooler, kids, and on the floor it’ll be your great pleasure to burn. 

That was then. This is now… On The Works site today, a parking lot sits. Its legend though lies bedrock-deep. This is where the Markus Schulz you know was born. 

A decade or two later and while the audiences have gotten bigger, Markus’ floor code hasn’t shifted an inch. Schulz spends his professional life bringing you the out-on-the-ledge experiences your parents warned you about. An endless sonic voltage, the deliverance of which others either can’t, or simply don’t dare. 

Forged in the fires of Arizona’s seminal 90s rave scene, Schulz went state, then with equal speed national and international. From the building blocks of progressive, trance & house, he crafted early anthems like ‘The New World’ and latter-day ones like ‘Destiny’. Caught between have been a half-dozen revered albums (most recently ‘Watch The World’), a convoy of club hits and thousands of transfixing performances, played out before untold millions. He’s helmed the scene-essential Coldharbour label for 11 years, chaired the Global DJ Broadcast radio show for 15 and remixed everyone from Moroder to Madonna.

His floor-bound adventures have met with equal acclaim. Markus has scaled the upper reaches of the world’s DJ rankings and charts; is a two-time winner of DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ crown and has drawn acclaim from every electronic music portal & press outlet on the planet. 

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