Martin Jensen at Soundcheck - 2.28.19

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Club Glow Presents

Martin Jensen

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Doors 10PM | No dress code | Ages 18+

Soundcheck | 1420 K St. NW Washington, DC



Danish DJ and producer Martin Jensen has gone from mobile DJ in Jutland to the main stage at Tomorrowland in record-breaking time. But he’s still hungry for more. When a DJ and producer suddenly gets a huge, worldwide hit, like Martin Jensen did with ‘Solo Dance’, it’s tempting to describe them as someone who “came out of nowhere”.
Usually this “out of nowhere” tends to be a bit over-dramatized, as if to highlight improbable success. With Martin Jensen though, it’s more or less true. Raised in a small town in rural Jutland in Denmark, working in a company selling agricultural machines while running his own mobile DJ-company, he never seemed destined for the big festival stages, main rooms or Top 40 charts. Oh, how quickly things changed for the young Dane.
After years of DJing, Martin came to the spotlight with the track ‘Sí’, sampling the voice of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Just hours after posting the bouncy, party anthem to his own Facebook-page it went viral, and launched Martin Jensen as “one to watch”. The track displayed one of Martin’s biggest talents: an unusual ear for catchy sounds and big choruses that work just as well in the club as on the bigger stages. This feature did not go unnoticed by Danish label disco:wax who found a raw talent to work with and develop, and even though they believed in the project, no-one could anticipate the extraordinary success waiting to happen when Martin Jensen released a new single in November 2016.
‘Solo Dance’ did well from the get-go, and embraced by his core fans it started racking up streams and plays almost immediately. As 2016 became 2017 the track continued to gather momentum, and six months later it was undeniably one of the biggest tracks of the year. A jaw-dropping 317 million streams worldwide, Platinum status in a number of countries and over 3 million followers on social media propelled Martin Jensen onto the top lists of Spotify worldwide. It’s also given the producer – who’s still a DJ at heart – the opportunity to reach even more people, whether it’s big stages in Asia, sweaty main rooms or a jam-packed Wembley Stadium at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, Martin Jensen always connects with the crowds. In July he even fulfilled a lifelong dream when he climbed onto the mainstage at the biggest and most important EDM festival in the world, Tomorrowland. At that moment it became apparent – he’d come a long way from being a small town Jutland-DJ.
Although surrounded by success and opportunities, Martin himself sees himself as being very much in the early days of his career. He combines an unusually down-to-earth character with an ambitious drive to do even bigger tracks, connect with a broader audience and evolve as a producer and DJ. And he’s got an impressive work ethic to back it up as well. These days he’s working even harder than before to combine the extensive touring schedule with his own wish to create new, fresh and engaging tracks revolving around his own motto: “I will find you and sample you”. The new single ‘Wait” is a sure shot Martin Jensen song, sampling his own fans and turning it into much more than just a gimmick. Trust us, this is going to be big!

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