Dubstep Cereal Delivers Crunch

By Peter in EDM News, WTF?!
Friday, September 30, 2011, 5:00pm. (Updated: 9/30/11 at 5:07pm) Add comments

I love the taste of dubstep in the morning… tastes like… victory?

Dubstep has grown incredibly huge over the past year. This once obscure underground genre has gone mainstream by EDM standards and even sneaked into the sounds of contemporary top 40s and  hip hop.

Now the music is being used to sell chocolate Weetabix cereal to children in the U.K.

The breakfast of champions? Not exactly. However, one thing is clear: dubstep’s mass appeal is absolutely unavoidable.

Maybe Skrillex or 12th Planet will gobble down a bowl of these before their show at Glow for the Mothership Tour on October 6.

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