Exclusive Interview with GG Magree and Parker

In preparation of The Cookout tour coming to Soundcheck this Thursday, Club Glow and The Diamondback had the chance to chat with up-and-coming artists GG Magree and Parker about the electronic music scene, which artists they’d invite to their own cookout and more!


Q1.) What does Cookout Radio mean to you?  How does it feel reading the comments and feedback after you showcase a new mix on a platform such as The Cookout?  

Parker: Amazing! The feedback was incredible. I actually didn’t even think people would be tweeting at me about it or DMing me. [It] was so cool to read the positive feedback. Now I am getting spammed to release [my new mix]! Super dope.

GG Magree: It’s a really good platform for me to showcase what tracks I’m vibing at the moment and I also love listening to other artists’ mixes. I love hearing what artists who really inspire me are vibing. I love reading comments, both positive and negative. It’s sooo important to pay attention to what the listeners want from you as an artist along with taking on criticism so you can grow.

Q2.) What advice would you give to up and coming producers who are still in high school and college?

Parker: My advice would be [to] keep working hard in school WHILE [still] working very hard on making music. Some people may say it’s hard to balance production and school or a job, but I did it for 4 years. [I] experienced it at first hand. It helps you really grow and also learn how to balance things in all aspects of life. Also, [it] shows you how bad you want to be a music producer/DJ and not a Gamestop [employee] like I [was] haha! Gamestop was cool but [being] a producer/DJ [is] better 😀

GG Magree: Practice, practice, and more practice. I’m forever teaching myself new tricks because I’m so obsessed with producing, singing, and DJing.


Q3.) If you could invite three other artists over to your own backyard cookout, who would you invite and why?  

Parker: DJ wise, I would chose Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, and DiploBecause why not! Sounds like a great conversation [that] I’m up for all night. There are tons [of artists that] I would choose. I would also bring in Noizu and Queen G because I love them.

GG Magree: Skrillex [because] to me, he is GOD. Skepta [because] I love grime, and would love a day of getting his insight on what inspired him and also I’d love to rap battle him. Yes…I know I’d get murdered, but I love a challenge! Excision purely for my own selfish reasons! I LOVE EXCISION and just want to listen to him for an hour 🙂

Q4.) What is your favorite part about performing in intimate club venues like Soundcheck?  In three words, how do you want fans to feel after your set at Soundcheck and other shows on this tour?  

Parker: I absolutely love it. I want them to feel almost as if it’s an underground. Soundcheck has that sweaty vibe to it. I can’t wait to play there again. I want them to feel sweaty, loved, and [I want to give them] that feeling of goosebumps.

GG Magree: SEXY, FREE, and SWEATY!

Q5.) What is one thing that you love about the current state of electronic music and the community attached to it?  What is one thing that you would change about electronic music’s current state and the electronic music community as a whole?

Parker: I love that us producers are able to make whatever we want. We can create anything we feel. That is SO important as an artist. You can’t just be trapped inside a bubble. I think that is what’s super great about the scene at the moment. I can’t change the way people think, but the only thing I would say is for some fans or artists to be more opened minded. Accept if your favorite DJ wants to try new sounds or move a different direction!

GG Magree: I love that it’s a genre free-for-all, you can legit play dubstep, psytrance, pop, metal, [and] techno all in [a] one hour set. It’s become so [accustomed] to play whatever you want. Super judgement free!

Q6.) Years from now, how do you want people to remember your music and your artistic legacy?  

Parker: Years from now, I want to be making timeless music. I want to have an impact on someone’s heart. Where if they listen to a record, they’ll connect to it. [So they can] go back and listen whenever they need that “music hug.” I love connecting with fans. I think it’s so important. Staying after my sets, taking pictures, [and] helping people through anything. I want to leave positivity and keep pushing happiness down the road. I hope my life and experiences leave a legacy for other people chasing their dreams.

GG Magree: She was crazy, her energy was contagious, and her music [was and continues to be] timeless.


Be sure to catch GG Magree and Parker at Soundcheck this Thursday along with Devault and Noizu!

Written by Owen Hynes.

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