With their show at Soundcheck coming up on July 19th, we got a chance to chat with DMW natives LZRD about what they have in store for the future, how the duo came together, why they love playing in DC, and much more!


How did the two of you meet, and what is the best part about working as a duo?

Thomas: This is actually a funny story; my dads sister grew up in Charlottesville VA where Keenan grew up as well. One day my cousin sent me a snap chat of a kid making music and I responded “dude like I do the same thing, who is that?!”

Keenan: Thomas and I didn’t officially meet until about 2 years after we started talking over social media and Skype. But we clicked super well once we started hanging out.

Thomas & Keenan: The best part for us about being in a duo is we can play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  Usually, if one of us doesn’t know how to do something- i.e. production or sound, the other can help and vice versa. If neither of us know how to do something that we want to get done, we get to tackle it head on together.

You guys have had incredible success with the remixes that you’ve released, what is the importance of remixing in your eyes?

Thomas & Keenan: The best part about our remixes has been working first hand with some of the most influential artists in the music industry.  We’ve been able to create valuable relationships with a majority of  the artists that we remix. We’ve gotten some great first hand advice from some really successful DJ’s all while doing what we love- making music.

On the 19th, you play at Soundcheck in DC. How does it feel to come back to the DMV and play a show in your hometown?

Thomas & Keenan: It feels amazing, the support we have be getting from the DMV area is unbelievable and we cannot wait to play our own show at Soundcheck again. Special shout out to Club Glow who has given us so many opportunities and helped us along the way. Cannot wait to be back!

With so many young and aspiring producers out there, what is the key to standing out amongst the crowd?

Thomas & Keenan: When it comes down to it- finding your own sound is really one of the most important things as a producer. It’s also one of the hardest things to do, to create a unique sound takes a ton of time and effort and we are still perfecting ours everyday. Another big thing we’ve learned recently is how important it is to be yourself on social media. We see so many DJ’s and aspiring producers who are using social media strictly as a business tool, whereas we see it as a way to express ourselves, show what we’ve been working on and stay in touch with our fans.

What should DC expect from you on the 19th?

Thomas & Keenan: We are expecting a crazy night. The last time we played Soundcheck was amazing , the energy and crowd in DC never disappoints. Definitely expect to hear some new music – both originals and remixes.



You guys have worked with some other amazing producers such as T-Mass and Ship Wrek, how did you form those relationships and what is the importance of collaboration?

Thomas & Keenan: Its hilarious, but most of our relationships have started from a simple  “Hey man, I really like your tracks” on SoundCloud. It’s honestly something we always laugh about. T-Mass and Ship Wrek are two amazing guys who we really love making music with.

Thomas: Funny story I actually spent a week on Collin’s (Ship Wreks) couch in LA after I tripped over a rock and blew out my knee. He took care of me the whole time and made me food. I love him.

Last week you  released your new single “World of Our Own” and it’s absolutely amazing. Are we going to see more originals from you guys in the future?

Thomas & Keenan: Yes! Original music has been our main focus lately. You guys can expect to hear much more in the future.

This summer you’re playing huge festivals such as Moonrise and Lollapalooza. What do you prefer, an intimate club or a massive festival?

Thomas & Keenan: Honestly we cant answer this one yet.  We have been playing a majority of small intimate shows and love how easy it is to read and interact with the crowd. A few months ago, we supported Illenium at Echostage and got our first chance to play in front of thousands of people. Such a different energy and so much adrenaline. This summer we’re also playing  the Perry’s stage at Lollapalooza and Lunar Stage at Moonrise Festival. Lets re-visit this question after the festivals!

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone trying to become a producer/DJ?

Thomas & Keenan: The best words of wisdom we can give to an aspiring producer/Dj is to wait until you have reached a point where you are ready to release the music you’ve been making. Don’t rush it. Get the right people behind your project and surround yourself with individuals who care about your well-being, not just your music. The rest should take its course organically.

Don’t miss LZRD at Soundcheck on July 19th!

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