Trashed the old Glow Site!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 7:53pm Add comments
mark maskell

Smashy Smashy!

We got bored of the old Glow Site, so we trashed it completely and banged out this bad boy and set it live!  Its a massive improvement over the old site and features so much more content, multimedia, and fun.  Check out what’s new!

New Glow Site Features:

  • Wayyyy prettier Glow calendar
  • Event pages now have Full Descriptions, Full Bios, Photos, Music, and Videos
  • You’ll now find the latest in EDM news, promos, and exclusive content from around the world on the main page
  • Glow DJ interviews are now much easier to find (see the Exclusive Interviews tab).  I bet you didn’t even know that we interview all these big DJs and post it online.  Now you do.
  • Glow Videos (AKA Glow TV) is seamlessly integrated into the Glow experience
  • Pictures and Videos from recent Glow events will be posted here after the shows
  • Sharing event pages, news entries, photo galleries, videos, etc. on Facebook and Twitter is simple and easy: There’s a “share” and “tweet” button at the top of each post, and a “like” at the bottom of every post.
  • Searching the site is now super easy with the dandy little search box on the navigation tab bar.
  • Glow Podcasts and Show Recordings will be up on the “Glow Radio” tab.  (very soon)
  • Show Reviews will be posted after every event with the highlights, lowlights, videos, pictures and more so that you can piece the night together if you got too smashed to remember.

There are so many new features, toys, and things, its really exciting.  It even has that new-website smell.  Ahh I love that smell… Anyways, the old “Glow Blog” is still here.  You’re looking at it.  All the old Glow Blog posts are still here.  Some of them are down at the moment, but they will be revived and will be available under their respective tabs soon.  There are also some test pages and such that I forgot to remove, and some mis-categorized stuff.  Don’t worry, we’re still working on cleaning up the dust.

Enjoy the new site,

Glow Crew

p.s. Let us know if you find any mistakes, broken links, typos, etc..  We might even give you free tickets for helping out.

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  1. Mickey says:

    NICE. Well Done, Bless It.

  2. David EDM Guzman says:

    LOVE IT !!!!! its good to update and revamp from time to time ! good job 😉 see ya all for Menno !!! NYC crew luvs ya

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