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By Elise Smith in EDM News
Thursday, March 9, 2017, 12:00pm. (Updated: 3/09/17 at 1:31pm) Add comments

Ultra Music Festival is a wild ride of a weekend. There is so much going on and you just want to take it all in, but first you need to take care of yourself. Follow our steps and make sure you can enjoy everything that Ultra has to offer.



Y’all we can’t stress this enough. It’s gonna be hot and you will sweat. It is just how the cookie crumbles. When you sweat you lose a very important component of your body: Water.  It’s important for overall health so don’t try and be Superman and not drink any water. Ultra is all fun and games until you end up at the medical tent for extreme dehydration. Don’t be that person.

 2. Comfortable shoes

Again, another thing that you would think would be a common-sense thing, but alas it is not. Those new shoes may look cute but you will have blisters that will make your life hell. Wear some comfy sneakers that you have probably had since freshman year of college, but are still your go-to shoe for anything involving being active.

  • Atten: People who wear flip-flops to music festivals/concerts: Why?? Do you hate yourself and like the pain? If you do, that’s fine, no judgment but come on. There is a time and place and music festivals are not the time nor place

3. A Positive Attitude

You are in Miami, Florida with your best friends (your #squad if you will) at Ultra Music Festival. You probably bought these tickets 7 months in advance and maybe even had a countdown calendar on your phone. Why you gonna roll up being all salty? Have fun, take a deep breath and enjoy the sun and some good tunes.

4. Earplugs

May sound nerdy, but we promise that your 60-year-old ears will appreciate it. Hearing loss is no joke kids and it starts when you are young and dumb, standing right next to a gigantic speaker because you wanted to be as close as possible to the stage. So if you are wondering why your ears are ringing the next morning and everyone is telling you to stop yelling? You know why and shame on you.

5. $$$$

Ya, it’s expensive. You probably already knew that when you bought your tickets but just know that everything is going to be outrageous. Want some water because you are remembering Tip #1 and how important hydration is? Boom. $5 gone. Not to mention food, transportation to and from the grounds, hotels, merch, back up shoes because you stupidly wore the ones that give you blisters, and a multitude of other things you will probably end up buying. Keep some cash on your body at all times for these and many “Oh Shit!” moments that are bound to happen.

6. Portable Charger

There will be charging stations at Ultra. Yay modern technology and our frankly concerning attachment to our phones. However, the lines are gonna be sooooo long while everyone tries to charge their phone. Also, you will have to stand there until your phone charges possible missing out on some killer moments. So purchase a portable charger, you can find some for $5 online, and enjoy your freedom to walk around and take all the selfies you like.

7. Sunscreen

Tans are sexy. Sunburns are not. If wearing sunscreen doesn’t seem like the cool thing to do, stop and think about being in a huge crowd where everyone is bumping up against each other and elbows are flying everywhere. Now, imagine what that would feel like with bright red, sunburnt skin. Not as fun anymore huh? Sunscreen saves lives and protects happiness so slap it on and keep applying throughout the day so you don’t look like Stewie.

8. Your ID/Ticket

These go hand in hand because they should ALWAYS be together when you enter any concert. Please, for the sake of all the security guards and ticket checkers, just remember your ID and ticket. No matter how much you beg, plead, threaten to sue, they will not let you in. So double check, hell even triple check, before leaving the hotel to make sure you have both so you don’t get to the front of the line and then walk of shame home because you forgot.

9. Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Let’s be honest here. Music festivals are gross. You don’t want all that dirt/sweat/any other unmentionable things to affect your health after Ultra is over. Ultra is for the weekend, but after it’s over you have to go back to your real life and being sick should not be one of the memories you bring back with you.

10. Hair ties

For all my ladies (and long-haired men) out there don’t forget hair ties. Put it in a bun, a ponytail, or even braid it because it’s going to be unbearable hot. Sweaty hair sticking to the back of your neck? Ya, maybe not. Also, it keeps it out of the way as you/other people move through the crowd.

Bonus: Advil

To ease all the aches and pain from dancing all day and night so you can do it all again the next day.

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