Caught at Glow! Round 13

By Ravi in Echostage, EDM, EDM News
Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 7:16pm. (Updated: 7/10/13 at 7:31pm) Add comments

Get caught and keep coming back. (10) winners this week!!!

How it Works:

Show the world your love for dance music and we’ll show our appreciation.

Every week we’ll search @clubglow (Twitter) and #clubglow (Instagram) for the best, funniest and weirdest photos that embody what we do: Events, raver gear, some weird dancing guy at the mall, DJ tattoos, whatever you want. Get weird and share it.

We’ll pick our favorites weekly and show the love back. Winners get a ticket to the Glow event of their choice! Limit (4) winners per event (does not include Life in Color Festival).


DC club kids
Good people, good times, good job! Free ticket for xdinadoll. Points for making bro look like a p.i.m.p!

what is rave kandi?

We’ll show sabraspringintoaction a little ‘L’ since she’s got the P, U, and R covered!

EDM DJ riders
Imasleepydude13 is also a lazy dude cause he instagrammed a pic from our photo album. But w/e free ticket cause its badass πŸ™‚

go go dancers washington dc
Art points. Free ticket. woop woop!

Nothing screams ‘America’s Birthday!!!!’ like a #handheart and a bow in your hair made from Old Glory.

echostage lasers
Damn we love those lasers. Seriously!!! Go tweet at our boy @mdfilms for killing it every week! And congratulate k_wulff on his free ticket!

echostage dc
Just what we needed πŸ™‚ Thanks for the love thest1g. You just got yourself a free ticket!

EDM club bros
Duuuuuuuude what does mine say. Sweeeeeeeeeet what does mine say. Freeeeeeee at the door!!!

hot chicks washington dc
Rawr!!! You can both have tickets (ya ya we’re suckers). Good job char_baybee

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  1. alia says:

    Awesome! How do we claim the ticket??

  2. Fayleen Susinno says:

    Hey – I sent an email to a few days ago (I was Alldayfay #dudes pic) but havent heard back. Is it too late? I wanted to see Benny Benassi πŸ™‚

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