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Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool App Makes it Easier to Get Discovered

spinnin' records demo app
The Talent Pool basically lets you use Facebook to vote on Soundcloud submissions. It’s a slick little middle man. Producers submit tracks from Soundcloud to the app. Fans vote from Facebook on the app. The tracks get ranked and the top vote-getters get pushed by the app into the inboxes of the Spinnin’ A&R team. It’s kinda like your friend with a really dope connection at a really good label.

“We understand this does not 100% solve the problem of talent scouting new producers and music because not every new producer will have the social media following or self-marketing acumen to push the track forward. We are utilizing this tool to help streamline our talent scouting, but it is only one component of Spinnin’ A&R.”

– Meindert Kennis, Marketing Manager, Spinnin’ Records

Meindert touches on arguably the #1 flaw in today’s social media contest frenzy: votes outweigh quality. For some artists, the concept of talent-discovery through social media may be frustrating. What happened to blood, sweat, tears and paying your dues? Then again in entertainment, if it works then who are we to complain. Although in the end, paying your dues is better than gimmicks if you want longevity. Winning contests, as we have seen with American Idol, doesn’t always pan out.

Spinnin’s latest attempt at discovering new talent is commendable. Some of the tracks getting pushed sound great. Some of them suck. We listened. But at least the label knows who the good self-promoters are. Definitely worth a submission if you’re trying to blow up. Anything that helps you get noticed is good.

Check out the Spinnin’ Talent Pool App on Facebook and get noticed!

Spinnin’ Records is home to names like Sander van Doorn, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Sidney Samson, R3hab and Bingo Players.
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  1. Shan Nash says:


    My name is Shayan Ghardiri aka Shan Nash and I am a House, Electro and Dance producer. I am producing a track that I want to play during your set if you think that it is as awesome as I believe it is and I would also love to be considered to be signed to your record label! Thank you for your time and I look forward to the opportunity.


    Shan Nash

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