#flashcrowd Mayhem, EDC Premiere, Kaskade Learns Reach of Twitter

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Kaskade’s experiment went well… too well

(Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, 7/26/11) – What started with a tweet from Kaskade reading “Let’s see if the magic of social networking will work today,” ended in a massive flash mob requiring helicopter surveillance and eventually intervention by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Hollywood, CA became the site of a lost art. Block parties were great growing up! You had your neighborhood friends, their families, food, sometimes the streets were shut down and the lucky ones had moonwalks.

Kaskade decided to throw a block party for the big kids on the west coast by announcing via Twitter his intentions of throwing a massive block party outside of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate the premiere of the EDC movie. Within hours the Twitter hash tag #flashcrowd was depicting images far from the PLUR that electronic dance music was founded on… except for the planking.

Police in riot gear, fights breaking out, and planking?


Yes, amidst what was meant to be a treat for fans that turned into a near riot in LA, a few cheeky individuals decided to say “F it,” and plank in front of a row of LA’s finest!

Kaskade proved many things today, most importantly:

  1. Electronic dance music has without question made its mark on American music.
  2. Twitter is no joke
  3. Some artists are still cool enough to roll up on a flatbed truck with speakers and throw free shows

Unfortunately, not everyone can handle having a good time, as evidenced by the #flashcrowd and it’s fighting, resistance to ending the party, etc. Of course, the men and women who were planking are the sh*t!

Here’s how it all went down

Kaskade's LA #flashcrowd Please note –
This incident is not a reflection of the type of people who love dance music. It’s not a reflection of Americans. It’s not a reflection of people who like movies or even people that live in LA. And it’s certainly not a reflection of what Kaskade wanted. He’s the man, cool as sh*t, one of our favorites here at Club Glow and Washington DC nightlife.

What this is a reflection on is a bunch of people who don’t know how to relax and have fun in a large crowd.

Although the people planking in front of the riot police are pretty f*cking awesome. (did we say that already?)

Directions to the aftermath:

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