dj at tiesto at glow dcIts the dream of so many DJs to play an opening set for a major DJ like Tiesto, and here’s your opportunity to make that dream into a reality with the DJ AT TIESTO@GLOW Contest!  We’re giving away a slot to the DJ who can get the most people listed as “attending” to the Tiësto Concert event on Facebook that you create!

Read and Follow the instructions below!
Read and Follow the instructions below!

RULES: (Contest is now CLOSED)

  • Participants must have at least 1 year or equivalent experience playing in nightclubs.
  • Fans are allowed to “vote” for as many DJs as they’d like.
  • You are encouraged to get your friends to send invites on your behalf.
  • The person with the most people listed as “attending” at the end of the contest on Sunday, 3/27/11 at 11:59pm Eastern will be the winner!

HOW TO DO IT: (Contest is now CLOSED)

  1. Create a Facebook event, titled “Vote [insert your name here] to play at Tiesto at Glow! Sat 4/9 at DC Armory!”
  2. Copy and Paste the info, details, and take the flyer from our event here: .
  3. Add something like this to the top of your event info… *** RSVP “ATTENDING” TO VOTE FOR ME!  The local DJ with the most people listed as “Attending” on their event gets to play at the TIESTO CONCERT IN DC! ***.  You can also add additional info up there to encourage people to help you out.  Just make sure the event info you copy/pasted from our event is up there too.
  4. Message Glow admin Mark Maskell on Facebook ( with a link to the event so we can track your progress.

DETAILS: (Contest is now CLOSED)

  • Winners are subject to approval by Glow and Tiesto’s management.
  • In the event that the winner is not approved, the next runner up will be examined.
  • The winner will be required to submit a live, unedited demo mix for review.
  • Musical selection during the show is subject to the standard constraints of any opening DJ at Glow: House, Progressive, Electro under 130 bpm.
  • The set will be from opening hour at 6pm till 7pm on the main stage.
  • Winning DJ must be able to perform strictly using CDJs, as equipment changes of any kind are not permitted.

QUESTIONS: (Contest is now CLOSED)

  • Message Glow social media director Mark Maskell on facebook or email mark (at) dcclubbing (dot) com

Current Standings:  Last Updated on 3-21-11 at 3:41pm EDT


DJ Name (voting link): ATTENDING / total invites

  1. ???
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. Shawn Groove (vote): 1,231 / 14,986
  6. The House Tribe (vote): 562 / 4,655
  7. Ponce (vote): 546 / 5,469
  8. Geometrix (vote): 496 / 5,435
  9. Mixalis (vote): 410 / 9,688
  10. Kam (vote): 303 / 3,226
  11. Anteater & Clicker (vote): 281 / 4,114
  12. Sicarii (vote): 251 / 2,148
  13. The Coalition (vote): 239 / 13,334
  14. Spaz (vote): 236 / 2,445
  15. B Brian B (vote): 175 / 519
  16. godBrother (vote): 162 / 2,092
  17. Terra (vote): 152 / 552
  18. Robert Fairbairn (vote): 127 / 1,952
  19. Ruhl (vote): 31 / 678
  20. Kidd Kurrupt (vote): 15 / 517

ADDED TODAY: Sean Falco (vote):

ADDED TODAY: Chris Fezza (vote):

ADDED TODAY: Ahmed Shah (vote):

Tiesto Concert Washington DC by Mark Maskell Club Glow Washington DC

Tiesto Concert at Glow Washington DC

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