Even the pros make mistakes sometimes! But only ATB turns it to his advantage and bangs it out EVEN HARDER! Check it out, its awesome!

ATB at Glow DC 6-19-2010 :: See the full lineup of performances at http://www.clubglow.com/

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  1. it was awesome! had a wonderful time that night 🙂

  2. digifruitella says:

    I was standing on a mezzanine on the other side of the club at this time with my buddy, when he was doing tapping with the finger, I turned to my friend and said ” that sounds like SMBU from Prodigy” and I was right,. that was fuckin mental

  3. That was great!

    Can someone please tell me the name of the first track he was playing? Not the prodigy track he used to pick it back up but the first one…

    Thank you!

  4. That first song was “She Gave Happiness” by D-Mad (Arty Remix)

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