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By Ravi in Glow Washington DC, Show Reviews
Monday, August 16, 2010, 2:36pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:46pm) Add comments

Pioneers, legends and true sponsors of progression in electronic music; The Crystal Method arrived in DC Saturday night with intentions of further pushing the boundaries of EDM.

The Glow regime was joined by a number of former Buzz party people to form a diverse, eclectic and all around hell of a crowd. From the very thorough break dancing circle in one corner and the girl with the long, flowing scarf/cape in another to the hotties shaking what their mommas gave ‘em, electronic dance music fans of all types convened on the main floor at Fur Nightclub. And don’t forget the girl on the VIP stage with the blue photons on strings. She was killing it!!! Even before they went behind the decks, Ken and Scott commented on how amazing their fans have been over the years. The tradition of music, crowd, lights, DJs, it all continued on Saturday night.

The Crystal Method showed DC why exactly they are still one of the hottest tickets in dance music on a global scale. Focused and driven, the two maestros took turns wailing away on the turn tables, dropping the new hotness and old hits with new twists. The look on Scott’s face said it all. Ken operated with a calm, smooth demeanor; every so often allowing his gestures to be driven by music. Scott on the other hand was intense; belting out lyrics, whipping his body into a frenzy and throwing his arms to the sky. They compliment each other extremely well. But hey, with the lengthy career they’ve shared, that point is rather obvious.

Their musical range spanned everything from their own work old and new to international bangers as well as everyone’s favorite new (to the US) experimental brand; the dance floor destroyer known as dub step!!! Highlights of the night included remixes of Deadmau5, The Hours – Ali in the Jungle (from the soundtrack of FIFA ’08 – trying to remember where we knew that song from was like, the worst itch EVER) and Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper. The dub step they played was a brand new remix of their track ‘Sine Language’ ft. LMFAO. They also dropped the forever classic ‘Busy Child.’

An amazing night to say the least. It’s not every day you see the DJs at Fur signing womens’ breasts. Let’s just say that of all the DJs we’ve seen lately, these guys seem like they’d be pretty damn fun to party with.

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