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By Ravi in Glow Washington DC, Show Reviews
Monday, August 30, 2010, 12:04am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 7:54pm) Add comments

Epitomizing evolution in house music today, Victor Calderone brought the stomach of NY’s EDM scene to DC on Thursday night. With the rise of NY club promoters like Resolute and Blkmarket along with the opening of District 36, the NY techno scene is as good as it ever was. With Victor’s Evolve party as the new main attraction at District 36, who better than the man himself to show DC what our neighbors up north have been up to.

With his recent “Boarding Pass/Terminal B” EP on Steve Lawler’s Viva label, Vic has clearly moved on from his Madonna/Sting mindset. He has moved on to a more techy, darker style of house while retaining a vocal element. All that and more was evidenced at Lima Lounge as Vic spun a brooding set brimming with techno. As advertised, those in attendance were lost in the music.

Ambient vocals and chords swam across seas of rolling drums. The bass was heavy, the vibe was smooth and the techno bounced like good techno should. And the vocals we were discussing… nothing says dark techno like demonic voices over thundering bass and hard kicks. Victor took us from the humid, concrete jungle of DC to the humid jungle of house. And THAT, is how we Evolve.

Playing this track through your computer speakers won’t do the evening justice, but if you’ve got some bass and a little power, wow. Victor Calderone is easily one of the best DJs in the world at crafting a set. We can’t say that enough. But when you’re used to spinning for 10+ hours, you tend to be good at that!!

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