Identity Festival Tour Washington DC: 8/18/11 at Jiffy Lube Live [Glow & Live Nation]

Markus Schulz has been added to the already stacked Identity line up!!

Glow Washington DC and Live Nation DC are proud to announce the artists performing in Washington DC at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA include Kaskade, Rusko, Markus Schulz, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Disco Biscuits, DJ Shadow, Chuckie, Booka Shade, Datsik, Modeselektor, The Crystal Method, Nero, Chad Hugo, LA Riots, and many more!

Identity is the first ever touring electronic-ONLY music festival to visit major outdoor amphitheatres throughout North America is launching this summer, and has announced venues as well as talent lineup for each show!  The full electronic music festival will be on display for all to enjoy and experience.

  • 22,000 crazy fans
  • 40 Major Electronic Dance Music Artists
  • 4 Huge stages
  • 1 Day only

We will be holding the event in DC at the Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheater on August 18, 2011!  Tickets go on sale on Friday, May 20th at 10:00am


$50 plus applicable service charge thru Monday May 30 only! – GA Ticket prices will increase starting May 31.


$100 plus applicable service charge – Pit tickets include all the perks of free roaming GA as well as the ability to access the pit where you
are mere feet away from the best DJ’s on the planet.


$400 plus applicable service charge – Unique to IDENTITY-there will be 100 limited edition VIP tickets for each show (21+) which includes roaming (no pit)
and access onto the Main Stage VIP Structure to view the artists up close while they perform. Also included is an exclusive backstage lounge.

Buy your Tickets | See the full lineup | Venue Information | Press Release

lineup and set times for identity festival washington dc jiffy lube live bristow virginia

lineup and set times for identity festival washington dc jiffy lube live bristow virginia

Buy your Tickets | See the full lineup | Venue Information | Press Release

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  1. How late or early does this party last?
    Hours plz?

  2. when is the lineup being released?

  3. Sorry I should have been more specific, I meant to ask what times the DJs would be performing.

  4. uranassclown says:

    60 bucks for this line up, and talk of extremely tight security? sounds like almost as much of a let down as starscape is now. way to go mainstream and look underground while doing it.

  5. Glow supporter says:

    I bet none of these dj’s show up… yet glow still says they will… probably one of the worst production companies in america… no wonder big name djs never come to dc anymore…

    • admin says:

      I’m not too sure what you base that statement on… seems like something else has angered you and now you’re just ranting a bit.

      • James says:

        Glow brought Tiesto here and it was phenomenal. Identity is going to be amazing- no doubt. Get less douchy promoters though. The DC market is still emerging; don’t let the current ones limit you. They kind of suck.

      • DJ Buddha says:

        I haven’t had a problem with Glow yet. They’ve brought some great acts to Fur Nightclub, including some of the best DJ’s in the world, like Carl Cox, Tiesto and Ferry Corsten (although I’d love to see more techno and electro house artists than so many trance DJs. I wish they’d get Carl Cox back to DC. )

        As long as Steez Promo isn’t part of the promotional or security efforts, it should be fine. Starscape security has gotten out of hand the past two years. They’re hunting people down and acting like they’re DEA agents when they should be looking more toward the safety and security of people at the event. They’ve lost their way, big time. When cops are cooler at an event than security, it’s time to start heading to different events. And after disasters like 2011 Starscape and the Baltimore Massive that was shut down by fire marshals because Steez overbooked the event by more than 1,000 tickets, they’ve shown that they’re only about the money and have no interest in the people who attend.

        I’ll consider making this Glow outdoor event. They’ve chosen the old Nissan Pavilion location, which is a great venue for this. Good luck, Glow. Hope this one is a success. Maybe you can start taking over for Steez.

        • alyssa says:

          I’ve attended many STEEZ events, including Starscape ’11… I have NEVER had any problems nor seen any incidents where security was anything less than helpful. Matter of fact, at Spring Massive, security guards were cool as shit. Not sure why you would choose to bash STEEZ… Btw, cops don’t have the RIGHT to arrest or even question you unless they SEE something illegal. Whereas security guards are employed by the venue and trained to prevent things from happening and are allowed to question you and/or kick your ass out of the club. I’m a bartender and I’ve seen what LACK of security can produce. Believe me, its better to be SAFE than SORRY. That’s caring about your patrons.

          I’ve always had an AMAZING time at Steez events with the exception of the first show at Ibiza… However, they seem to have ironed out most of those issues AND delivered on their promise to give out a few hundred free tickets for party goers who attended the first Mega. Of course they are worried about money, but i know SEVERAL people on their street team and I can tell you that they DO put safety and satisfaction first.

          • DJ Buddha says:

            I’m glad you didn’t see some of what was going on. What time did you get there? Many of the problems happened within the first 2 or 3 hours of Starscape opening. Within the first hour we were there, I saw five overly aggressive security guys hound this poor kid. By the time they got done completely strip searching his bag, all they found was a small one-hitter with nothing in it. Basically, they rousted the wrong guy. But instead of admitting to the mistake and apologizing, they instead kicked him out for being frustrated with the situation. I observed the who situation and I can tell you the kid wasn’t hateful in any way, he just didn’t understand why it was the second time he was treated like that in the hour he was there (profiling perhaps?). 5 minutes later we saw another four security guys chasing a kid through the woods. Looked like dogs hunting a fox. Maybe they had good reason to suspect him for something, but they were putting him at serious risk as he was getting caught up in branches and bushes trying to escape. It was dangerous, and these aren’t cops who have authority to pursue.

            By the way, I’m a long time raver, but also a former police officer and veteran Security Specialist (USAF) so I know a little about how security and police are supposed to behave. There were a number of people complaining about the ‘sketch’ behavior of security at the last two events. It made for bad vibes all around and didn’t appear anything like the event security I’ve seen in the past (at many events). Now, I will say that aside from those 9 bozos I saw (and the security guy that pocketed my ‘eighth’ at the gate), security for the most part was indeed courteous – particularly in VIP. But I can guarantee that those nine headhunting security guys I was witnessing weren’t in this to keep people safe. They were trying to ‘get there own’ off others. I’ve seen it happen at too many venues, Steez withstanding. It’s not hard to see which guys are in it for the right reasons.

            Now, I’m completely for security going after people who are out of control, unsafe, or people who are blatantly openly selling drugs at the events (because the promoters can get in trouble), particularly those selling dangerous drugs or stating something is one thing and handing out another (that kind of thing can get people killed). But what I witnessed at Starscape was nothing short of overzealous security guards shaking people down without much cause to do so.

            And why bash Steez? Well, I gave fellow DJ Steve a chance to reply to my complaints via email, and I go nothing back at all – no apology, no “We’ll look into it”, nothing. And Starscape security isn’t the only problem. We were at the COMPLETELY OVERBOOKED Massive (at the Paradox) a couple of years ago that got shut down by fire marshals. This wasn’t some unlucky circumstance. They had been overbooking and overcrowding that place for many events, so there was a pattern and it was inevitable that the place was going to get shut down. We were outside the event WITH tickets waiting for two hours and were told we might not be able to get in because they had too many people. How hard is it to sell the exact amount of tickets for the capacity of the venue?

            So yes, I think Steez need to be called out for the B.S. that’s happened over the past two years. Club promoters who are in it mainly for the green and forget the ‘people’ side of things need to be called out. I’ve been to a lot of venues and clubs in a lot of cities. I’ve seen some of them done poorly and others done very well. Steez has improved their lineups and their stages, but the security aspect needs to be addressed.

    • caleb says:

      what an ignorant statement. sounds like another local disgruntled DJ.

  6. matt says:

    i thought it said 4 stages but i only see 3 stages on this posting. Am i wrong or just missing something?

  7. IDeNtItY!!!!! says:

    It’s going to be sick regardless of the security and atmosphere at the venue. Thanks Glow DC – No upsets please…just release the set times and everyone will be stoked!!!

    • DJ Buddha says:

      It’s going to be awesome. Can someone confirm the largest ever EDM event in the state of Virginia? Have we ever surpassed 20K for an electronic only event in the past? I’ve only been raving it up since 2002, so forgive my ignorance if there was some Ultra-like event prior to that.

      My wife and I are very excited about tomorrow.

  8. xwillx says:

    no more pit tickets???????

  9. will says:

    where can i get pit tickets???

  10. Trying to Plan says:

    Set times please? I can’t be there all day, so I’d like to know if it’s worth buying tix for the times I can be there. We’re 10 days out – it’s time!!!!

  11. IDENTITIY says:

    I see the lineup but what about the time slots? How long are they playing for? Its next week! need to plan! thanks!

  12. What! says:

    Chad Hugo! Part of the Neptune’s.. nice

  13. tmr says:

    When will you be releasing the set times for the DJ’s??

  14. chris says:

    has any one got there tickets yet.. because im still waiting and i order them on 7/13

  15. Teebaz says:

    We need to know exact SET TIMES, its now a week away and need to plan since it is on a THURSDAY….
    Says you should have released the times YESTERDAY the 10th…. LETS GO stop being slow motion

  16. Fernando says:

    Shows less then a week away and you really dont have the DJs set times yet?? Im thinking you guys should get crackin on that… today.

  17. Jamie says:

    Are we allowed to bring glowsticks?

  18. alyssa says:

    You know, I hear people bitch and complain about this promoter, that promoter…. EDM is becoming too mainstream… Blah, blah, blah… If u enjoy the music, then you won’t have a problem with its success. Support it and quit bitchin’! Lol… Geeeeez.

    • alyssa says:


    • DJ Buddha says:

      Feedback is essential for improvement of events. So while some might see it as bitching, club owners and promoters should see this as important feedback. These events are large and sometimes the organizers don’t even know what’s going on. But when they are given the opportunity to correct something and they choose to blow off long-time attendees, then they deserve a little backlash.

      That said, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Glow. They’ve done a good job with the set up at Fur and I greatly look forward to a well-organized outdoor event at the old Nissan Pav. Never had one issue with the promoters of Identity. In fact, I hope like hell they continue to have one or two of these a year in NOVA or other places in the state. It’s been a little dry for Virginia-based ravers since several clubs disappeared the last 8 years; Club Audio got shut down, the DC Tunnel stopped throwing weeklies, and Nation closed up shop. Glow at Fur or driving to a Steez event in Baltimore were the only choices for a number of years. I hope this Identity thing sticks around for a while.

  19. Aoki junkie says:

    Will there be re entry allowed? And also are there any times up yet?

  20. ashley says:

    does anyone know where to find like a schedule of the whos playing at what stage at identity ?

  21. Yum says:

    So Got my ticket:) Its 4 DAYS AWAY!!!! WHERE ARE THE SET TIMES POSTED??

  22. BenDover says:

    $60 for a festival at the lube job sampling the best tasting $12 Miller Lites (special reserve of course) and dining on extravagant cuisine like the $10 sausage with spicy mustard made from imported spices. Funny because Loveparade in Berlin could attract a million + fans in the city with the best DJs in the world and 40 trucks with DJs from all over the world and they could do it for free, all you had to do was walk. Streetparade in Zuerich is free as well as other outdoor festivals.

  23. stephen says:

    were the id tix supposed to be mailed out? ordered mine months ago and never received it. will i be able to retrieve it at will call?

    • admin says:

      Please call ticketmaster directly with any ticket concerns. (or wantickets if you ordered through them).

      • Connor says:

        Is there any certain time that the gates close? I have to pick my friend up from the airport because she missed her flight in tonight 🙁 So i will be missing up until around 4 and my tickets are at Will Call…Do you think I will be allowed to get them when I show up and will I be aloud to get in at that time? Some shows close the gates after a while so I was wondering if this was going to happen.

  24. wheezy says:

    i see alot of people have asked but i dont see any real responses to this question. but is there an actual order line up? i don’t even need times i just want to know the orders and which stage they will be on, i can guess the times.

  25. chris says:

    Do you guys plan on posting set times?

  26. Teebaz says:

    i ordered tickets, they are VIP as they say on them but dont seem to look like anything ‘limited edition’ just regular ticket with yellow live nation on the end with VIP on it. Will i be about to gain acess to those sections? i got a premium parking pass too

  27. The Real Situation says:

    Please get those times up. I’m so amped to see KASKADE and THE CRYSTAL METHOD

  28. Too much says:

    Wow so much complaining, I think it will be a great event I was able to switch my day off to make it. I’ll come for as long as I can or as short as I can and I’m looking forward to whoever I catch when I’m there 🙂 positivity goes a long way look at how those people came together in Indiana 🙂
    Looking forward to a great day!!!! Thanks Glow for providing it!!

  29. Jamie says:

    If we bought our tickets online and printed them out, do we need any proof of identification or the credit card we used to buy them?

  30. jose says:

    What’s the minimum age that can go ? Age 16?

  31. Rachel Rowland says:

    Will i be asked to show any type of Identification at the doors? aka do i need to bring an id?

  32. okunheh says:

    is there a schedule as to who’s playing where and when?

  33. bob says:

    when it says I can bring food in a 1 gallon clear plastic bag, does that mean all my food has to be emptied out? Say i want to bring in goldfish, twizzlers, and gum – does it have to be all thrown in together and mixed up? or can i keep them in their sealed packages? thanks

  34. Jason says:

    Its the DAY BEFORE!!! Where are the set times?!?!?!

  35. Li says:

    It’s 24 hours before the show… any clue when set times will be posted?? I really hope everything is set in stone 24 hours in advance otherwise doesn’t sound too good for the festival

  36. Trey says:

    Can you bring in backpacks to carry water bottles and food?

  37. Scott says:

    Hey are you going to post the set times? This is ridiculous. The show is less than a day away!

  38. Drrty says:

    So wait, its less than 12 hours before its time and there are still no set times…that doesn’t bode well. Still gonna go, bought the ticket, kinda pointless to not go. But set times are kinda important.

  39. Ben says:

    Anyone know of a good after party??? I might feel like continuing after 11pm….

  40. Russell says:

    Except that question isn’t answered on there. Is camelbak ok if you bring it in empty with a sealed water bottle?

  41. Unlimited says:

    You guys kicked Nero out of the setlist? Why didnt u announce that at least a day before? I paid money just to see Nero play and I got to hear there was no room for them? Seriously? They were by far the best act in the line up and they dont get to play? What a shame. Whoever organized this event should be sued!

    • Unlimited says:

      You better publish this message so people can see that you might take this serious and are sorry. If you keep censoring these messages that this would be prove to me that the festival was just a rip off.

      • DJ Buddha says:

        This festival was FAR from a rip off. It was flat out amazing in every way. The production was off the charts. The artists were amazing. The venue couldn’t have been better. The weather could have cooperated more, but it didn’t seem to ‘dampen’ the vibe or support at each stage. You could go to any stage and feel like you didn’t want to move to another. If you came to see just one artist, then shame on you.

        That said, I think the ID people could have done a better job announcing the proper line up sooner. I copied the lineup to my cell phone and got to the event at 3:30. It didn’t take long to realize my schedule (current as of Wednesday night) was incorrect. I think the Crystal Method situation moved everyone around. But I had a great time nonetheless. Sure, Nero would have been great, but with so many other fantastic artists, it was only a bad time for those who chose to make it that way.

        ID and Glow, please do this again!! Worth every penny.

    • Ravi says:

      Nero’s absence at the festival had nothing to do with Glow. We’re a promotional partner, media outlet and have a great rapport with you, dance music fans in the DMV.

      Of course, one of our roles is to provide a place for you to voice your opinion and be heard. That’s why I approved your comment. Because we do take it serious and we don’t censor things just to make ourselves look good.

      Transparency is important to us. It’s not like we chained the doors to Joe’s tour bus and wouldn’t let him out! lol

  42. Gracia says:

    Who can I call for lost and found items?? I lost a black wallet at the event…

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