Glow Tuesdays at Barcode Lounge DC

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Tuesday Nights at Barcode Lounge DC

Come hang out and sip a martini on the heated outdoor patio, relax in the lounge, get dinner at any time (the kitchen is open ’till 12am), or just hang out at the bar and talk with friends while enjoying the rhythms of some of Glow’s local resident DJs.

Check out a very special, Halloween edition of Sunday Night Football at Washington, DC’s newest venue; BARCÖDE

Top 5 Reasons to see Funkerman at Lima

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Top 5 Reasons to see Funkerman at Lima

Bring in da noise, and BRING IN DAT FUNK!!! Funkerman is coming to Lima!! Here’s why you should too.

Glow Interview | Cosmic Gate

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Glow Interview | Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate reveals their top 5 tracks of the moment (videos included) and discusses their favorite attraction at the National Mall.

Top 5 Reasons to see Marco V at Lima

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Top 5 Reasons to see Marco V at Lima

As if you need a reason at all. It’s Marco V!!!!

Venue Info: Lima Lounge

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Venue Info: Lima Lounge

<-- Click the pic to pull up the details about Glow Thursdays at Lima Lounge...

REVIEW | Opening of Vetro f/ Cedric Gervais (w/ videos)

The highly anticipated opening of Vetro exceeded all expectations. A sleek new locus on the third floor of Lima Restaurant & Lounge, Vetro exudes a high – end, low – key air of polished comfort.

The problem that arises for shady Nightlife operators is that it is as easy for a good comment or review to be posted, as for a bad and business damaging one. Ultimately, the consumer is the one benefiting from this. It is a lot easier to make educated decisions on DC Nighclubs and parties.,It’s also keeping operators honest, by ensuring that bad business and false advertising gets punished. It only takes one post to ruin your business. One Tweet can expose you…..

2.0 Promotions. The little tool called Web Social Media.

Now, DC is evolving into the center of local nightlife and the internet (and social media), have a lot to do with it. There’s over 100 nightclub/bar/lounges in DC, and all of them are busy. If you look on the Facebook newsfeed, for every 5 posts there’s at least 1 for a DC venue. People talk about parties and their plans for the night, people that work in the nightlife establishments post about nightly deals and happenings, and promoters hype their parties.

DC Nightlife and Nightclub Guide

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Fortunately after many years of limited choices in a lackluster nightlife scene, a few people led by nightclub owners and promoters decided that something needed to be done, in hopes to reinvigorate nightlife in the Nation’s Capital.

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