Well, the headline pretty much says it all.

“I’m very proud of you, Deadmau5, that you are doing the VMA Awards! Good luck with that!… I think Deadmau5 did an amazing job in the last couple of years… His music has been amazing. I saw his live show twice. Once at Coachella and the other time in Stockholm [Sweden], and the show is absolutely stunning!”

– Tiesto

“I love his show, and I love his music. Production-wise, he’s like a higher level than me. For me, he will always be up there [He points to the sky].”

– Afrojack

“The ‘mau5 does well! I think his music is great. I’m a fan of his. I enjoy what he does.”

– Paul Oakenfold

“His production skills are out of this world, honestly… He’s changed dance music forever. It’s a breath of fresh air, because he’s brought the melody back into house music. It’s just good dance music.”

– Armin van Buuren

The MTV VMAs air September 12, 2010.

Source: MTV.com

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