Kaskades tweet for his free outdoor concert that started riots in LA

Next time Kaskade, or any other legendary DJ for that matter, decideds to do a #tweetup style concert he should consider doing it on the national mall. I would certainly go. Imagine that; tens of thousands of fans raging on the mall, from the Washington Monument all the way to the steps at the Lincoln memorial. The DJ booth could be at the top of the Washington Monument. Now we’re talking. Anyone down to help jump start this idea? Anyone have an ‘in’ with whoever is in charge down there? This could be biblical. It could be like the million man march; just replace one million black men with a few thousand (mostly white?) college-aged partiers. Maybe Glow can make this happen? I, for one, will blame Obama if this doesn’t facilitate.

Zack daydreaming at the office @zackhuhn

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