Glow TV: TIËSTO at Glow!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010, 2:58am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:01pm) Add comments

Check it out!! Tiesto at Glow@Fur was ummm… RIDICULOUS!!!

When the first song you spin is C’mon and the second is a remix of Heaven Scent, damn, you mean business!!! Mash ups involving On a Good Day, Metropolis, As the Rush Comes and Exposure plus remixes of Big Sky and Suburban Train… all that made our heads explode!!!!

Join us as we talk to Max Vangeli about his music backstage, then jump on the dancefloor to see him ripping up the party at Glow at Lima!

Max Vangeli returns to GLOW on Thu 3/31 at Fur Nightclub with Steve Angello and AN21 at the Size Matters Tour!

Glow TV: Afrojack

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Glow TV: Afrojack

Glow TV’s latest episode featuring Afrojack at Lima Lounge!!

The USTM crew came to Glow last week to see why we are regarded as a staple in the global dance community.

Glow TV: The Crystal Method

TCM got busy… child. At Club Glow

Glow TV: Cosmic Gate

Epic. Energetic. Enigmatic. You get the idea.

Glow TV: Marco V

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Glow TV: Marco V

Relive Marco’s brilliant set. Find out his thoughts on T.A.O., Sander van Doorn and the future of EDM.

Glow TV: ATB Messes Up, Hilarity/Awesomeness Ensues! [HD]

Even the pros make mistakes sometimes! But only ATB turns it to his advantage and bangs it out EVEN HARDER! Check it out, its awesome!

Glow TV: Menno de Jong at Glow + Exclusive Backstage Interview!

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Glow TV: Menno de Jong at Glow + Exclusive Backstage Interview!

We get a quick backstage chat with Menno de Jong before he rips apart the dancefloor at Glow to talk about clubbing, his latest projects and what it’s been like for a 20-something to travel the world and perform before sell-out crowds!

Then step inside to see Menno bangin’ it out for a packed house at Club Glow Washington DC during an infamous “Glow in the Dark” party! We even brought in the hula hoop girls to kick it up a notch as we danced the night away under the blacklights!

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