With the Social Media Phenomenon still expanding, a lot of issues are starting to emerge. The return of the noise, the spam, the clutter, is reemerging. Myspace had it, Facebook was a lot better at keeping it at bay, but lately it’s out of control! There’s not a single day that I don’t get 20 event invitations in my Facebook inbox. Everyone is a promoter! Even deli’s and carryouts have a party going on, and some promoter is just spamming everyone with a new invitation for free admission, all you can drink, and free food parties in places that oftentimes are not even nightclubs or lounges.

Every day, I get 4-5 facebook friend requests from people I don’t even know. If I accept them, they’re always promoters. And then I get the spam for events that don’t even matter. One of the things I find encouraging, is that although the event invites are a bit out of control, Facebook is becoming a public forum where everyone has a voice, and news travels at the speed of a click. When I first started promoting back in 1994, the nightclub scene in DC was primitive and with limited options. You had to print flyers, pass them out and pick up phone calls to give people directions and info. Internet was at its infancy and very few people were using it for information.

Now, DC is evolving into the center of local nightlife, and the internet (and social media), have a lot to do with it. There’s over 100 nightclub/bar/lounges in DC, and all of them are busy. If you look on the Facebook newsfeed, for every 5 posts there’s at least 1 for a DC venue. People talk about parties and their plans for the night, people that work in the nightlife establishments post about nightly deals and happenings, and promoters hype their parties. Twitter, Myspace and Facebook have helped the DC Nightlife industry blossom, and have helped people connect and learn about the many options available. If you look on Facebook and Twitter every night, you can actually see how places are doing as well. People actually post live comments about how busy places are,  and that helps other customers know where to go.

Last Sunday, June 21 we had an event at 18 Street Lounge with DJ Dubfire. The event was extremely successful, even though no emails, flyers or web sites were used to promote it. All it took was Facebook and Tweeter promotion for over 400 people to actually show up. As someone that has been in the business for over 15 years, I have to admit that it is an amazing feeling to know that you have the power to attract such a big clientele with the push of a button. It has transformed the business and it has made the Washington DC nightlife industry a lot stronger. People will still block the spam and clutter out of their attention spans. However, when an event is worthwhile, it is guaranteed to create hype and attract people.

Panorama Productions is paying attention to the changing nature of the promotions business. With our Panorama Productions Facebook Fan Page, our GLOW Events Fan Page, our DC Clubbing Twitter Feed, our Club Glow Twitter Feed, our DC Nightlife blog and our MySpace Pages, we are connecting with people, while at the same time bring information at a more rapid pace and to a lot more of you. Panorama Productions is transforming itself in order to be the leader of Social Media and Web Promotions 2.0.

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