Hernan Cattaneo spinning at Lima restaurant and lounge, dc nightclubsThe forces behind Panorama Productions played the part of NASA Thursday night, launching Glow from its new site at Lima Restaurant & Lounge. The captain of the shuttle? None other than Hernan Cattaneo, a veteran of electronic dance music and the perfect choice to navigate the robust crowd on a journey through space and time.

A smooth liftoff: Cattaneo laced Lima’s enveloping sound system with funky bass lines drawing onlookers to the center of the club and forcing them to move with the music. With each layer of the Earth’s atmosphere we passed, Capt. Cattaneo proceeded to reach into the minds of his audience, extracting all conscious thought and leaving an imprint of driven, melodic techno. Each track, each mix, each sample he brought in and out added another layer to the web of music resounding through the speakers. The kicks, snares, snaps, clicks and ticks brought us up and the bass lines carried us through to the rich center of space, where it was almost criminal the way he attacked our eardrums with an aerial assault of mids and treble, lifting the mind and senses. Truly atmospheric; rich, organic and utterly primal.Hernan Cattaneo glow nightclub dc lima restaurant lounge nightclubs in dc

Hernan is one of the most focused DJs in the world during a performance. Fluttering through his CD book, masterfully balancing EQs, and vaporously layering the soundscape, he rarely has a chance for crowd interaction. Maneuvering a ship around the black holes and super novas of the Milky Way galaxy requires immense concentration, yet he was able to take brief moments mid-set to sign autographs and return the love of his supporters.

Once Lima’s flight plan had been established and the minds of the people thoroughly melted from the ethereal vibes, what did Hernan do? Shift into light speed of course! The moment he dropped “Dolei” by fellow Argentinian Santiago Garcia, the entire evening changed. From that moment on it was a meteor shower of drops, scorching melodies and quite simply an experience like no other. Cattaneo’s track selection and technique force the listener to forget reality, abandon conscious thought and get lost in the moment. It was as if he had taken a torch and welded the crowd and music together as one.Hernan Cattaneo at Glow Washington DC Nightclub Thursday at Lima Restaurant Lounge Nightclub DC

The descent back to earth was an onslaught of effervescent pressure changes. Hernan put the pedal to the medal and took us barreling back through the earth’s atmosphere. The floor shook, the music screamed, the crowd went wild and yet our trusty pilot remained, stoic in the cockpit, impelling us home with avidity.

Obtaining a track list was near impossible. Glow resident Rich Webb was able to ID a sample by Jonas Bjorn and Hernan was gracious enough to allow a peak at the Garcia CD. His favorite track of the night, remarked Cattaneo, was “A track by Lank, released on Boz Boz Recordings. It’s unreleased, I don’t even know the name!” No wonder Shazam didn’t work. Cattaneo spins the newest tracks to the point where they haven’t even been named yet.

Glow’s first showcase at Lima Restaurant & Lounge won’t soon be forgotten.  Glow is held every Thursday at Lima and Saturday at Fur Nightclub.  Check out more DC nightclubs by host Panorama Productions on dcclubbing.com

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