Marcus Schossow at glow washington DCIt’s very difficult to put this producer in a particular category on any level. Marcus Schossow exudes an independent, out-of-the ordinary personality with a forth right tongue with a facetious twist that had me laughing quite a bit. He seems like he knows what he wants at the age of 24, and doesn’t seem to care about the title of a DJ/producer but more is about anyone, from a music addict to the occasional club drifter, enjoying his tunes. Marcus has been producing since he was 14 yrs old and has turned quite a few heads from artists like Ferry Corsten, Pete Tong, Armin Van Buuren, and Sander K. Schossow got the project to do a remix for the classic track, Carte Blanche. This task was quite challenging for him as he was trying to find the right balance of the modification without stripping the original mix apart.

Speaking of Marcus’s distinctiveness, his first debut album title “Outside the Box” validates my claims to his progressive personality and way of thinking. This CD was experimental and Schossow admits himself that he doesn’t really like any particular genre or does what he believes in doing and not what others say. Maybe it runs in the family genes as to where Marcus gets his artistic outlet in music, “My dad is in a band and we always had a little music room at our place. I remember being you and was fascinated by the pads that came out of an old Roland synth. I guess that’s where the true passion started [for me]. If I wasn’t doing this I would probably be a chef or a writer of some kind. I need to be creative. “

Since his career has advanced full tilt, I asked what the apex of his career was so far, “I believe there are no peaks. It doesn’t matter if you play for 100,000 people or 80, you still have to deliver and keep your feet on the ground. I think the true peak for me is that I can be on tour and still keep up the studio work. Not many can do that. Hence, the 59487548 million ghost producers out there to various superstar DJ’s. “On that note, what is going on in the production world of Marcus? I’ll let him tell us, “The music side, I’ve got a new thing with Leon Bolier out right now which is going crazy in the charts. I’ve also got a new tune called “Genre This” which will be out in a months or so. And I’ve been testing it out a few times, and every time I play it people come and ask “WTF is this? [So] Expect a banger!” [Smiles]

Something that was significant for Marcus recently-was that his radio show, “Tone Diary” is now airing in Brazil. “Tone Diary been going on for over 2 years and I’m really happy to see that we have finally reached Brazil! Not only is it a wonderful place, but also an interesting place as there is both European and American influences on what’s going on there regarding the music scene. I can’t wait to show them what I have for them.” Honoring his New Year’s Resolution, Marcus also shares with me that he is working on a second album. For the WMC, Marcus is playing with Markus Schulz on Tuesday at the Official Opening Party and on Wednesday, with Andy Moor at the AVA Recordings party.

For Schossow many artists inspire him, “Trentemoller, the producers behind Sasha, Danny Howells, 16bit Lolitas, James Holden and the list could go on forever!” As for what’s in his CD player at the moment, his tongue in cheek response was “CD’s” at first, but then answered, “Right now, I’m digging the new mix CD from Anjunadeep.”

As many had heard about Marcus’s run in with Deadmau5, I wanted to know the full story behind the “deadrat6” story and if it was a publicity stunt. Marcus responded, “Hahahaha, you have to come with way more bribes to get that story off me!” So I bribed him with a copy of Deadmau5’s latest album, do you think he took the bribe? I guess we will see as he visits CLUB GLOW this Saturday, March 27th. For Schossow he anticipates his arrival, “Yeah, I’m super excited! First time in Washington! My good friend Casey a.k.a Breakfast lives around there, so I have heard loads about it!

-Dee Sanae

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