Glow is proud to announce a partnership with DC techno event group Mnmlife.

Over the past year the Mnmlife name has become synonymous with quality, forward thinking electronic dance music. Bringing artists like Matthew Dear, Derrick May, Mr. C, John Selway, Josh Wink, Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, Matthias Tanzmann, Ida Engberg and Adultnapper to DC, one thing is clear; Mnmlife handpicks the truly eclectic.

Every Saturday this summer, Fur Nightclub will now host two electronic dance music events. In the main room we’ll continue to bring the biggest names in EDM from across the globe. On the patio we’ll expose you to the gritty underground that is slowly but surely popping its head up around the world.

It all starts Saturday, June 12 with an all DC line up. In the main room we’ve got Sharam; born in Iran, bred in DC, one half of Grammy-winning duo Deep Dish. On the patio it’s Mnmlife founder Sanath, who has spun alongside the likes of Steve Lawler, Loco Dice and M.A.N.D.Y.; and Mnmlife resident Jubilee.

This is the kind of thing that truly builds electronic dance music communities.

“We feel that the Patio is an ideal spot for some chill downtempo music. MnmLife represents that style and they’ve been very successful with their events. Getting them to join us on Saturdays was a natural fit. They too want to advance EDM in DC and push the envelope. Pete and I are very excited to work with them. The party will give the Glow Fans and the MnmLife fans a lot more options!”

– Antonis Karagounis-Glow Founder

It also helps that it’s FREE with NO LINE ALL NIGHT when you print and bring the Mnmlife flyer.

Glow and Mnmlife, a new era in the DC dance community!!!

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  1. pete.kazimierski says:

    “gritty underground that is slowly but surely popping its head up around the world.”

    SLOWLY? are you kidding? you guys are years late for the train

    mnmlife along with other dc promoters like JQM, or 88 should take over that venue long time ago.
    at least couple nights a week! have your trance on Friday night but leave us techno for Saturday and Sunday morning. In ideal world each techno promoter in DC should have one friday a month! mnmlife, jqm, 88, stp, . Use the formula and have the best friday night on this side of US.

  2. Club Glow says:

    Pete, Glow has been on the train since 1999. What’s up the with the you and us comments? Last time I checked, Electronica is one community. It’s that kind of attitude that fragments EDM. ENjoy the sound and support EDM Events!

  3. pete.kazimierski says:

    techno was never connected with trance thats 2 different words

  4. pete.kazimierski says:


  5. pete.kazimierski says:

    ohh and whoever you are my attitude has nothing to do with it, I can bet you any techno dj would rather play for techno crowd in non flashy atmosphere without lasers blasting in every corner

  6. pete.kazimierski says:

    but het what do i know right? its you guys that make the money

  7. If you read the article carefully, you’d see that the techno djs are indeed playing for the techno crowd on the outdoor patio. The outdoor patio does not have a flashy atmosphere or lasers blasting in every corner. Its a pretty chill spot. Thats why Glow brought them in to take over the patio.

  8. Ravi says:

    I agree with Pete in regards to the whole ‘you’ vs. ‘us’ thing. It should never EVER be like that with the electronic dance music community. I started my clubbing in NY going to events like PvD, armin, Gabriel and Dresden, etc. As time went on I developed an appreciation for other forms of EDM and now I can enjoy myself in a room full of lasers or a warehouse in Brooklyn.

    I’ve been to my fair share of amazing techno parties thrown by 88, Mnmlife, Blkmkt and Resolute. I’ve been to my share of Glow and Made Events parties as well.

    And for the record, we are certainly NOT years late on the train. The only major techno event in the United States that I know of is DEMF. It’s been around for about 10 years. Someone tried to throw a techno event called Minitek in NY a few years ago and it failed. Only in the last 2 years have companies like Blkmkt and Resolute been able to bring techno back in NY. Mnmlife has only been around for a year. 88DC is a great company and I really love what Dave is doing. He is (rightly so) very selective about where his events are and the entire image/feeling/etc his events have surrounding them. I don’t think he’d ever want to be in a giant club.

    BUT… the important thing is that we’re all EDM. Trance fans shouldn’t hate on techno fans for listening to ‘weird noises.’ And techno fans shouldn’t look down on trance fans for not being ‘cultured’ or ‘forward thinking enough.’

    In the end it’s all about good music. And good music is whatever kind of music puts a smile on someone’s face. I used to hate on people for listening to pop music (Rihanna, Britney Spears, anything with a vocoder). But the fact of the matter is that if it puts a smile on someone’s face then who are you to say what it is, isn’t or should be.

    So enough with the hateraid bro.



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