Sander van Doorn arrives at Fur Nightclub on 2/5/11 to provide a hefty dose of brain-melting trance. In addition to his Dusk Til Doorn series and first-ever vocal production, Sander also has an album in the works. We wanted to record his set, but he’ll be dropping so many new tunes that we need to keep things under wraps!!

To win a pair of tickets please visit

or visit and answer a simple question!!

About Love is Darkness:

A theme everyone on the planet can immediately relate to. Much like love
itself, the song is built on a simple idea, building and becoming more intertwined and complex. With ‘Love is Darkness,’ Sander effectively marries an unexpected, perfectly original vocal with his own, uncontrived, perfectly original musicality. A marriage made in Heaven as they say.

His first commandment? Thou shall not anticipate.

With jagged sincerity, songwriter Carol Lee (of infamous Dutch alternative rock band Bettie Serveert) expresses the painful and raw fragility within every fractured relationship. “I know it’s over, but Im still waiting -for another chance- one more change of heart.”

But if you were expecting a love song, you better move along. This song is an anthematic, shiver inducing, big room wrecker that will have fans all over the world reaching for the sky and singing along. A soundsystem or two may also be inadvertently destroyed, one of the innocent victims of unrequited love.

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  1. so when are you guys announcing the winner?

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