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Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 11:19pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:45pm) Add comments

So, I decided to mix things up and little and start a series of DJ interviews in a form of a blog Q & A. The DC nightlife blog deals with all things related with the DC music scene, so what a better way to explore DC than to talk to its superstars, The Artists?

The DJ 2.0 Blog series will feature interviews from DJ’s artists and producers whenever we get the privilege to interview them. The blog focuses on the DJ’s take on the web social media phenomenon, and the evolution of Electronic Dance Music through Web 2.0. Interviews will be coordinated by Pete Moutso, and will be presented in the blog format by Antonis Karagounis.

Blog entry #1

DC producer, dj, founder of DC Grammy Award Winning Duo Deep Dish, need I say more?

1. Tweet or not Tweet?

Tweet but be interesting. I don’t want to know when you are taking a shit, getting in a cab or checking into a hotel. Or if you are tired or not, who gives a damn? Tell me something I can learn from, tell me something I can care about. Mesmerize me! Oh… And don’t be a hater when my teams lose.

2. Facebook or Myspace?

They both have their plus and minuses. For an artist Myspace offers more choices to display your art visually, like a website, where Facebook is more interactive and personal.

3. CD’s or Serato/Traktor/Ableton/Other?


4. Press Release or Blog?

Toying with both. Starting a Blog soon, so come back to me next year on this.

5. CD release or Digital Release (Beatport/Itunes/Your Label site)?

I just released an album so both for that. For singles definitely digital only; Beatport for the DJ heads (5%-10% of the market) and Itunes/amazon digital for the rest of the folks.

6. Meet and Greet or Podcast?

I have a bi-weekly Podcast, and I meet and greet when I get the chance. Podcast is more broad geographically speaking of course, as you can only “meet and greet” in the city that you are at. Here is the question for yous, should I talk on my podcasts like a radio jockey? I’m not a radio personality so I end up sounding goofy. Write me back your comments on my Facebook — how is that for cross marketing baby? — ;o)

7. Message to Washington DC EDM Fans.

Keep on rocking it. DC used to be one of the worst markets, musically speaking when we were coming up, but now it’s a lot more educated and diverse. I love the DC crowd. One of my favorites worldwide actually. I think GLOW has had a HUGE impact on the scene by bringing so many different talents for so many years and building EDM fans. At the end of the day, a city’s musical scene is only as good as its promoters and clubs, and GLOW is shining like a mofo!

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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. Awesome! A true international superstar from DC! :3

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