DJ Rap at Lima Restaurant and Lounge Nightclub in DC for Glow ThursdaysClub Glow has gone global. DJ Rap brought the wild rumpus straight to the living rooms of 5000 fans as she streamed live during her set at Lima Restaurant & Lounge. Turning her computer to the crowd, back to her and then dancing something fierce, Rap cultivated an air of glitz, glam and red carpet pageantry which was appropriate, as certain celebrities (who shall remain nameless) were in attendance… TMZ eat your heart out!

She was able to predict the future through music, knowing that Friday morning every witness to her exclusive set would be announcing, “last night a DJ saved my life from a broken heart.” Most hearts were broken regardless, as the night couldn’t last forever. Rap brings an energy few of her contemporaries can match. We’ve seen the “Jesus pose,” and DJs jumping around the booth, but it’s not often we see a DJ slam a shot of tequila, swing her hair wildly like a rock star and then run into the crowd at the end of her set because she wants to dance that badly. That is DJ Rap, the definition of a true entertainer, a true DJ of the people. Even the most sharply dressed patrons of Lima were forced to shed their blazers, loosen their ties and dismiss any worries of sweating through their fresh pressed button downs. When the DJ loves the music so much that they’d rather be in the crowd, you know it’s “Good Times.”

The truly special aspect of Thursday night, Rap commented, was her preparation. “I’ve spent the last five months making music for tonight, and for Miami in a month. The majority of music was white label and promo tracks off Impropa.” Many of those songs, she noted, were being played for the first time ever in public, her personal favorite being Campbell’s remix of “Good Times.”

So what does DJ Rap think of DC Clubbing? “It’s really good to be back here… It reminds me of Ibiza… It just keeps going, like Duracell!” And there you have it folks, an artist whose career has withstood the test of time comparing DC Nightlife to Ibiza. That is how sick our scene is. Charissa – you have an open invitation to return whenever you like.

Glow Washington DC Charissa DJ Rap at Lima Nightclub DC

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