Ferry Corsten djing at glow nightclub washington dc major club epic nightclubs in dc nightlifeIf you’ve ever read the Republic of Plato then you’ll understand… Ferry Corsten is the Philosopher King and music is the politician. For those who have not, traditionally Philosopher Kings are unable to communicate with the many, they are too enlightened to speak the language of the common man. They must use the go between of politicians and poets, or in Ferry’s case, bangin’ ass trance.

Ferry Corsten Ali Dubfire at Glow nightclub washington dc djs house trance progressive nightlife washington dc

Even Dubfire came out to show his support for Ferry Corsten!

From the moment he graced the decks, taking over after a galvanizing set by protégé and DC local Breakfast, Ferry came fast and furious. Spinning banger after banger, the Philosopher King rolled boulders of justice from the top of the polis down to the masses below. With authority he smacked the crowd with “Gabriella’s Sky.” Literally, he waived his hand and smacked the crowd. He gave the people what they coveted; The Philosopher King fed our appetitive nature for luxury with “Made of Love” and “Beautiful.” It was classic Ferry, yet epic with moderation; the night was still young.

With his hands in the shape of a heart raised high above his head, Ferry looked out and felt the rapture of the gallery. A philosopher king’s greatest joy is also his single duty; serving justice to the masses, showing them how to live the good life; and live it we did. The evening seemed to reach the height of turbulence as Ferry dropped the MaRLo remix of “Brainbox,” which has a false drop that consummately fucked the minds of everyone in the room. He couldn’t help but laugh as he wagged his finger at the crowd as if to say, “Tut tut tut, not yet folks!!”

crowd at ferry corsten at glow at fur going crazy at the dc nightclub dj performance dj stageAs the night wore on, Ferry continued to administer justice upon the forever- loyal Glow crowd. He regaled us with “Shanti,” “Twice in a Blue Moon,” and took it to another level with BT – Unreachable (Breakfast Remix), which he spun with Casey by his side. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to reach your hands up to the sky and grip the moon and stars. He then proceeded to grab the mic and shower the crowd with words of approbation followed by a remix of Solarstone’s “The Calling,” a track that kindles true epiphanic thought.

Ferry ended the evening with a flurry of Herculean ballads comprised of NY-based DJ Eco’s “Staring at the Sea,” BT’s classic “Flaming June,” and the closer everyone had been patiently waiting for the entire night, System F – Out of the Blue 2010 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix). As if that wasn’t enough to get us high on life alone, the Philosopher King’s encore allowed us to breathe and truly live the good life; “Exhale.”

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