So this is the second time I’ve ever written in the first person when writing a review. I was going to just produce “Glow TV pres. Gareth Emery” and let that do the talking. But… I’ve had too many songs stuck in my head for the last week to let it go any longer. Plus, after watching all the video footage I realized how unbelievable Gareth’s set really was.

From the moment he stepped behind the decks Gareth was monstrous. He started things off with Tiësto and Diplo’s track “C’mon” and then broke out a remix of Bedrock’s legendary trance classic “Heaven Scent.” Looking back at my notes, they read “2nd song heaven scent, nuff said.” I sure hit the nail on the head with that one. Seriously though, the DJ Mag #9’s track list was simply brilliant. I wanted to say “F working for Glow, I’m gonna toss the camera, go get wasted and get reckless on the dance floor!” It was just that kind of night. I’m not gonna lie, Gareth spun the kind of set that had me writing a 5AM review on tranceaddict. I haven’t done that in years. I guess I sort of told on myself just now, but hey, better late than never, right?

Emery’s antics in the booth are something else. The guy was bouncing around like a wind up toy the entire time. Laughing, throwing his arms up, putting his hand to his ear in a Hulk Hogan-esque fashion, it was great to see. And the thing is, none of those antics were forced or looked like they were on purpose. It’s like Armin told me at Electric Zoo… all the raising of the arms, the holding of the headphones, that’s just the result of loving your music that much. *sigh* instant nostalgia. To be honest, Gareth in a sense redefined what an epic night is for me. The vibe, the music, the mixing, the experience, it was amazing in it’s own, distinctly sublime way. Gareth Emery is the new epic.

So, as always, you can usually tell how dope a set was from the track list. So here’s what I remember hearing…
This is Silence (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup) | Gareth Emery – Sanctuary
Tiesto – Suburban Train (Sean Tyas Remix) | John O’Callaghan – Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
Tiesto – Lethal Industry vs. Lange and Andy Moor – Stadium Four | Tiesto and Diplo – C’mon
Bedrock – Heaven Scent (ID Remix) | Oceanlab – Satellite (Above & Beyond Remix)
Above & Beyond vs. Gareth Emery – On a Good Day (Metropolis) aka On a Metropolis Day (Myon & Shane 54 Mashup)
Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum (Ben Gold Remix) | Pendulum – The Island
Wippenberg – Chakalaka | Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar (ID Remix)
Gareth Emery vs. Motorcycle – As the Exposure Comes | Gareth Emery feat. Mark Frisch – Into the Light
Paul van Dyk f. Johnny McDaid – We are One (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix?)

I <3 TRANCE!!!! Enjoy the videos, Glow TV pres Gareth Emery coming soon. Ravi out.

You know the DJ set was good when instead of doing the club video, you procrastinate by doing a review and a track list!!!

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