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From the transformation from Robbie Rivera Records to have been given the name Juicy Music, by none other than Robbie’s wife, this brand has spread to from Puerto Rico, Miami and across the ocean to the isles of the Balearic. To get to this point in his career, Robbie started in high school with making loops to enrolling himself in music production at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Now his remixes and partnerships have ranged from labels such as Defected, Serious, MOS, Strictly Rhythm, Azuli, Positiva and artists like Faithless, Moloko, Felix Da Housecat, Soulsearcher, RES and Madonna. Latin infusion is his game and Robbie Rivera is his name. RR is ready for Thursday at Club GLOW and gave us a nice Q & A!

GLOW: Being a Puerto Rican, do you ever get to go back and play there? If so where?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I try to go twice a year to visit my family in Puerto Rico. I perform at least once a year at a big event or club gig there. I love playing in Puerto Rico.

GLOW: Is the tour that you are on an extension from your 2009 artist album release?

ROBBIE RIVERA: Yes, I will be doing more shows in the States and then heading to Europe for summer shows.

GLOW: Everyone is back from the WMC, How was this year’s conference and your Nikki Beach party?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I had a great time at WMC! My event — JUICY BEACH @ Nikki Beach Club — was packed all day and night! We had 8,000 people.

GLOW: What new productions came out during Miami from you and others that you would consider anthems for Miami and Ibiza?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I like the new Alex Gaudino track called, “I’m In Love.” I also played Dero’s new tune, “Oh Baby,” that for sure will be all over Ibiza. I also plan to promote my two new singles, “We Live For The Music” and “Rock The Disco.” Both are from my album, Closer To The Sun (Ultra/Black Hole Recordings).

GLOW: Are there are any new productions coming out for you in the next several months? If so, can you name the title of the track and give a description.

ROBBIE RIVERA: Yes, my next release is called, “We Live For The Music,” which has an uplifting melody that’s perfect for ending a DJ performance. Tiesto has remixed the tune!

GLOW: Name three tracks/songs that you can listen to over and over?

ROBBIE RIVERA: 1. Calvin Harris, “I’m Not Alone.” 2. Robbie Rivera, “Departures.” 3. The Killers, “Spaceman.”

GLOW: Do you think your musical taste and production has evolved for you?

ROBBIE RIVERA: Yes, I have been producing a lot of vocals, lately, but my next album will be pure JUICY tracks for the underground! I’m going back to my roots, so to speak.

GLOW: Where’s your favorite get away place? Favorite food? Favorite beach?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I love the burgers from Five Guys! [laughs] I live in front of the beach; it’s my favorite place. I relax in my Ibiza home in the summertime and I gig from there.

GLOW: Tell us something that the general public doesn’t know about you?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I produce music from 9:00am to 6:00pm, every day! Unlike other producers who may work late at night.

GLOW: What can CLUB GLOW expect on Thursday? What do you like about the DC crowd?

ROBBIE RIVERA: I am gonna rock this place! I love D.C., because it is a multi-cultural crowd, like in Miami.

Interview done by Dee Sanae



For more information, visit or email EMILY TAN MEDIA RELATIONS at Closer To The Sun is out now from Ultra Records/Black Hole Recordings, and you can stream it on the Glow Fan Page!

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