“Je suis Parisien et j’ai de la chance de vivre à Paris, nous avons plein de bonnes musiques et de grands artistes ! “- J. Garraud

After  Joachim had a delayed flight and a sound check with CLUB GLOW in Washington DC, he welcomed me for an interview at his hotel.  Joachim’s welcoming round face and his “Hal-lo” was a good start to our introduction as we quickly exchanged laughs and I started right in with what he is famous for what his prized production is so far, Joachim to talk about the song “Love Don’t Let Me Go” which is an old track from 2006.  This was produced with David Guetta, whom Joachim Garraud became famous for doing remixes and production.  “I really like this track, in terms of doing production, harmony code change, musically its one of my best creations. There’s a lot of positive vibe in this track.”  Joachim couldn’t just pick one production, he also liked working with Deep Dish on his remix with Guetta on “Flashdance”, which is ironic since the duo are DC natives.  “ I had this honor to be a part of a Grammy nominated track, I think about this kind of track when I do remixes.”

Moving from the title of remixer to become an entity himself, I questioned Garraud about his own style and what he feels that sets him apart from the rest of producers out there.  The soul and mind of the track is what he keeps in mind.  Enhancement and optimization is what he contributes while doing his own version and making it a dancefloor hit.  “As a musician, I don’t like when somebody does a remix and just goes so far away from the original that you compromise the track.  I like to keep the vibe and when someone hears it, they can say ‘Oh, I know this track, I love it.’”  Joachim’s style is one that he tells me in French ,interprète and instead of telling me, he actually shows me.  Respect for his talent and seeing it first hand was absolutely amazing.  Joachim pulls out his 1987 Roland- X1 (which he tells me that he owns all of them in the world), and is also know as a ‘keytar’ (keyboard that hangs like a guitar) and starts a riff from “Smoke on the Water” and leads into a remix he did with “Prodigy.” For some Joachim wouldn’t have opened with that, depending on the energy he feels, which differs from city to city.  He starts with Coldplay’s, “Clocks” and then says that his style allows him to have freedom to improvise when playing live.  “I can adjust the live act to the energy ,even downplay it or play one more bar or improvise, it gives me the freedom to be with the people.”  Thus giving meaning to precisely what “Joachim Garraud-style” is with his French utterance earlier.

From touring the US and Canada, Joachim is happy to be spending the holidays and New Years with his wife and four children which he just left in Miami and will be joining again in Los Angeles for the end of the year.   For 2010 he is working on an album with Dim Mak with artists like Bloody Beetroots, Laidback Luke and Mstrkrft.   On the classical tip, Joachim gives his time to work on scores with people like French movie producer, Claude Berri  and did a movie based in Ibiza called, “People.”    Garraud is also working on a U2-like concert that surrounds the theme of a story he wrote around “Space Invaders.”  This will combine LEDS, visual, audio, robots, aliens and, of course ,his vivacity.

This proud Parisien leaves us as he goes to grab a quick bite of sushi and then head off to the gym before he finishes a track and heads to GLOW.  The fitness and health conscious regime is what will continue in 2010 for his NYE resolution.  We part with an “Enchante” and a smile.

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-Dee Sanae

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