The combination of the Iberian sound and Madridian roots, characterize the  duo Chus and Ceballos.   The Spaniards are making headway with their current record label, Stereo Productions, and a weekly radio show called, “In Stereo,” that is brought to you by Chus.  One would describe their music as tribal with drum-centric cadences and moving syncopations that have that rhythm stick hitting you all night.  I got a chance to catch up with Pablo in his new mainstay in Montreal to see what we can see from these two in months to come.

Pablo tells me (excitedly) before we get into our conversation, “It’s  Stereo’s 10th anniversary and we are coming out with a CD that is a compilation of last year’s hits with Stereo’s artists. This is  going to be called, ‘In the Box 2010’.”  Among other things, Chus and Ceballos are also releasing a single called, “___Night”, which is to be released with mixes from Mind Control (Richie Santana and Peter Bailey), Behrouz, and Patrick M.   “Back on the Tracks” is yet another CD that will be released on Nervous Records.   Ceballos tells us, “This CD title has a double meaning [in a sense].  The pictures and images that we did for this were taken in a train station.  This year is a big year for us, we have a lot of things coming out and although we have had many tracks in years past, this one has motivated us for this year.”  They are releasing new remixes of “In Africa”, which Pablo told me was their first production together.  A lot of things changed for the duo since they got a phone call from Madonna’s people to do a remix for “Hung Up.”   Pablo tells us, “Here, I am thinking that we are underground DJs [still] and when we got the call that she wanted our remix, we were both very shocked!  That was the climax of our career.”

Ceballos describes their sound as something he doesn’t like to catalog, “Our music is groovy, techy, and housey and anything that makes people want to dance.”  For Chus and Ceballos, mixes and selecting tracks are the other work that they do besides make people want to dance.  “The selection process is hard work.  We look through many promos, mixes that are sent to our label.  We also look at websites like Soundcloud and Beatport. We sort through thousands of tracks to see what artists are making good tracks.  “We also look for music that first has good sound and quality.  It also has to be a good beat and make you continue to dance all night long.”  Each and every month, this Libra says he changes his style of production or selection of music, depends on what tracks he gets and loves, he doesn’t like to stick to one thing. Pablo says, “Music is something that changes and influences us.  I just go with it and select good music.”  Pablo tells us that Danny Tenaglia continues to be an inspiration for him, he doesn’t want to be him but he gets influenced and then does “his own thing.”

Among Chus and Ceballos’ crazy schedule between touring and producing, Pablo tells me that on his down time, he is a spiritual family-oriented man and enjoys time with close friends,  his brother, nephews and parents.  He believes that he has a good balance and loves to watch dramatic movies.  The last movie that he did watch was “The Doors” and saw the new “Avatar “ movie in 3D, which he highly recommended me to watch, if I didn’t already.   Pablo lets me know that people don’t really see that side since they only know him as an artist but, he enjoys going out into the city to see anything that has things to do with art and culture.

I tried to pry about more specifics of  upcoming projects and Pablo just tells me that he cannot reveal all of his secrets.  Well, the two didn’t get the name “The Madricians” for nothing, Right? I shift the focus to Washington D.C. and he tells me he has played here at least seven or eight times and loves the way that people are receptive to them whenever he plays.  “I like they way that DC people look at me as if they are saying, ‘So what do you have for us tonight?’ [laughs]. I love that when I am playing and they just want us to give them something to dance to.” Still being mysterious about what’s in store when the duo come to CLUB GLOW, he says that he cannot tell me.  He just goes with what the energy is at the time.  I told him that it was ok that he could tell me what the people can expect . But, he stood firm as he referred to himself as “Pablo Copperfield” and said that we would have to wait to see what his tricks would be, right and I am Hou’dee’-ni!

Come check out the “Pioneers of Madrid” and their innovation of Iberian dance music at CLUB GLOW this Saturday, January 16th. You can purchase your tickets on

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