Joachim Garraud Plays Dada Life on the Keytar

By Ravi in Dance Music, DJ's, Lima Lounge, See Raw Video
Friday, February 3, 2012, 11:53pm. (Updated: 2/07/12 at 3:14pm) Add comments

Joachim Garraud – Glow at Lima – 02.02.12

Dada Life – Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker (live keytar edit)

It’s hard to make the case that any DJ has a better time in the booth than Joachim Garraud. Every time he spins Glow, the DC nightlife fans are rocked by his forever smile, high-energy music and never-ending supply of space invaders giveaways! The time around he dropped a crazy mix of tracks that included Sandstorm (which we’re pretty sure only he, Darude and maybe ATB can get away with at this point), some of Steve Aoki’s new dub step tracks and a live keytar edit of Dada Life’s latest banger!

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