DJ Marcus Schossow performing live at club glow washington dc nightclubsWith an overwhelming number of sub-genres of EDM, it’s refreshing to find an artist who combines them all. Classifying Marcus Schossow’s eclectic style into any one category is impossible. Fusing futuristic techno with filthy house and a subtle smattering of trance, the 24 year old Swede is in high demand for events and remixes across the globe. His positive, welcoming personality, high energy sets and signature sound are just a few reasons why he has been taking the electronic world by storm.

That positive, high energy nature translates through the speakers as utter bliss. Every track he spun had a distinct yet equally appealing vertex. His track selection was reminiscent of what you might hear at a small, anything goes style trance venue; hard beats with reverberating, brain prickling timbre on each bridge. It was as though he hollowed out the minds of the Glow heads before him and pumped pure harmonic resonance through the open space. It felt like hits of static shock to the brain. Every 20-30 minutes he kicked things up another notch. He warmed up, got the crowd going, sped up his BPM, thumped away, sped things up a little more, really started pounding and then flew. Needless to say, Schossow is a master of set progression. By the end of the evening there is no doubt that the hair on the back of each and every neck in the room was standing. Marcus truly knows how to give someone goose bumps, how to send shivers down one’s spine and how to make a crowd float. He spun a variety of gems including tracks by Orjan Nilsen, Rex Mundi and even Motorcycle’s “As the Rush Comes,” a real treat. DJ Marcus Schossow playing at club glow washington dc

Being that it was his first time in DC, Marcus was impressed by the crowd’s taste in music. He used the word ‘mixed’ to describe the audience, in the sense that they love all styles of EDM. Being that his ‘thing’ is the fusion of all genres, the Glow crowd’s ‘mix’ was thoroughly appealing to the man. It was all smiles at the end of the night and already he was talking about next time. Yet another world class DJ has fallen in love with DC Clubbing.

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