Wally having a whale of a time

In Washington, DC if it’s electronic dance music it’s Glow. There’s a certain style of house that has been taking a noticeable position at the forefront of EDM. It’s hard to describe; techy, funky, progressive, tribal, there are many words that could be used but none that do it justice. Artists like Joris Voorn, Mark Knight and Wally Lopez, Thursday night’s headliner at Lima Restaurant & Lounge, truly bring a sexy, hedonistic, ‘cool guy,’ vibe wherever they go.

Wally spun one of the more memorable sets in Lima’s short time as home of Club Glow on Thursdays. He was smooth, funky, uber European and allowed his playful personality to take over the crowd. He was like a little kid behind the decks; bouncing up and down, giving high fives, posing for pictures, evening pulling one of the Glow Girls into the booth and hosting his own dance party!

With sexy beats covered by smashing, Spanish-style snares and spacey, chopped vocals, Wally Lopez performed what can be easily described as one of the most fluid sets in recent memory. He’s liquid baby!!! Bow chicka bow chik, bow chicka bow chick, sexy, groovy Spanish house that makes ya feel good. It doesn’t get any better! After the set, the grinning Oakley-sponsored Lopez exclaimed, “The sound system here is amazing!!!” Of course is it, it’s Glow.

Washington, DC’s electronic dance music scene has been fueled by Glow for over 10 years. A division of Panorama Productions, Glow is held every Thursday at Lima Restaurant & Lounge and every Saturday at Fur Nightclub.

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