Superstar DJ/Producer Paul Van Dyk, a Club GLOW Washington Regular, just announced his first IPhone Application, dubbed PVD Iphone DJ app.

The application is very well thought, as it includes plenty of featured a DJ would need while mixing in various nightclub booths. He’s included a BPM counter, for counting the speed of the song (beats per minute), a Frequency Analyzer that will allow the DJ to get an idea of how the music sounds to the fans, a Noise level that will enable the DJ to protect his precious ears by showing him how loud the music is, a Seismic Reader that will allow the DJ to make sure that the CD players or Turntables do not skip, a Virtual Glowstick that will allow the DJ to be a little cheesy with the crowd, and a Tourch that is essentially a mini flash light.

I think the application is cool, and it includes a lot of gadgets for all DJ’s, aspiring DJ’s, dance music lovers, and club goers. The Iphone apps have finally starting to appear little by little, and they will become popular, thanks to the growing 18-35 year old nightclub goers. The Club, nightclub, lounge and bar lounge has grown considerably in the past few years, and Iphone Applications will be a welcomed addition to the products that target the coveted for demographic.

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  1. Glow Guy says:

    Can’t wait till PVD comes to Glow in … 😉

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