To say George Acosta wrecked it this past Saturday would be a complete understatement. While the club may not have been packed to the brim, the fans that showed up witnessed a jaw-dropping set. Out of the four hours he played, there was not one moment where the audience was standing still. Either people were grinning bobbing their heads or dancing uncontrollably. Could it have been the presence of Sirius XM that made the Glowheads go crazy? Or was it the incredible set by George Acosta? In either case, Acosta wanted to give his fans an amazing set. There was never a dull or boring section of Acosta’s set. Every song, every transition and every drop was flawless. Smiles and giant face-wide grins were on every fan. Acosta’s set was not just another trance set, it was a memorable set; One makes people leave the Club with their mouths ajar and craving more Acosta music.

The set itself was a remarkable feat. It entertained both the die-hard trancer and the casual EDM listener. It was an amazing combination of progressive house and trance. He would play one melodic trance song and slowly fade into a bumping house song. His set played every genre, whether it be the housey Missing (Fedde La Grand Remix) by Everything But The Girl or the two wonderful trance remixes of George Acosta’s True Love. George Acosta gave the fans of Club Glow another reason to why he was their first resident DJ. With song choices like an awesome mashup of Michael Woods’ Dynamic with Show Me Love, club smashers like Cosmic Gate’s Firewire, Back To Earth and Raging, a sick, sick remix of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, a remix of Mike Koglin’s Silence 2011 and so much more. His set was literally unbeatable and unbelievable.

George Acosta is probably one of the most underrated DJs ever to grace the decks of Club Glow. His set not only managed to bring the melodic, warm-hearted feeling of Miami to the cold streets of DC, but he also played an unforgettable set. Words can never and will never describe the sensations that were felt during his set. There was never a moment of boredom; there was never a moment where the audience wanted something more. It was definitely a highlight of the year. Be sure to check the recorded set when it hits the airwaves this upcoming Thursday on Sirius XM. We hope to see him back in DC real soon, bringing more southern heat and melodic trance.

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