What an evening! Joris Voorn and Timo Maas in DC at the same time, at the same club no less! Not only did Glow pack out Lima for two of the most talented, ‘underground’ (by US standards) DJs around; the women were gorgeous and it got reckless to the point where people were on top of the tables. The party started early and rocked hard until the very end. The place was packed by 11.

First up, Timo Maas. A true master of electronic dance music, Timo has been DJing since 1982 and spinning electronic since 1988. You do the math. He started things out with dark, brooding techno and hammered it all the way home. His approach to DJing very much reflects his personality; reserved and proper, yet you could tell deep down there was a party animal waiting to strike. His track selection featured unique rhythm and drum sections, which made for some interesting footwork on the dance floor! ‘Stereotrip,’ his latest (unreleased) production, was unbelievable!

Timo’s aphotic yet brightly percussive techno made for the perfect segue into the evening’s second headliner, Joris Voorn. The Dutchman’s style is truly unique; funky, tech-housy, infectious beats that forced everyone, including him to bounce like madmen. There were points in the night you would have sworn the floor of the booth was a trampoline the way Voorn was going! Joris’ DJ set up allows for the ultimate in track manipulation. With 4 songs playing at once on Traktor, Joris was able to loop, chop, re-work and re-arrange anything and everything from his library. Some say that using computer software is cheating. Joris Voorn would argue that it allows a DJ to truly reach his/her creative apex. Highlights included ‘Sweep the Floor,’ Nic Fanciulli’s ‘Work the Week,’ Daft Punk – Around the World, and something that sounded like a remix of ‘Billie Jean,’ worked in and out of Daft Punk.

Perhaps The US has opened its ears to more eclectic forms of dance music. Maybe Glow is established enough that no matter who we book you know they’re going to be good. Either way, Thursday night at Lima was livacious, lionhearted and full of lust. But if you missed out have no fear. Joris Voorn and Timo Maas will be back in DC Clubs sooner than you think!

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