DC nightlife has come to expect the very best from Glow DJs and Robbie Rivera is never one to disappoint. The first few hours of his set seemed to be a lot more furious than his last performance at Glow, which was not a bad thing at all. He had everyone going absolutely wild! He elicited an amazing vibe with hard, smooth house music. The lightest track he played was probably Sweet Disposition, a track that will always get a great reaction. Also included in the mayhem were a super progressive take on ‘Back to Zero,’ Deadmau5 – Arguru, Gabriel and Dresden’s remix of ‘Float Away,’ and Robbie Rivera – Girlfriend.

At some point he transitioned the vibe to the classic, Juicy style of Miami house for which he is known. You know you’re listening to a great DJ when the vibe changes but you don’t realize it until your hands are in the air! From massive drum line style tracks to the completely bonkers genre known as Dutch House, Robbie brought the roof crashing down on Lima. And then, being the amazing DJ he is, he waved his magic wand and began to calm us down.

RR’s transition to the closing portion of his set was one of the best we have ever seen. The track selection and mixing, the way he brought the crowd from utter mayhem slowly down to a calming halt left us speechless. That last half hour was just… well, words don’t describe it. He played Pendulum – The Island, Robert Miles – Children (Dave Darrell Remix), a low key take on Calvin Harris – I Am Not Alone and Reflekt feat. Dellin Bass – Need to Feel Loved (Adam K & Soha Remix?). We were all commenting at the end of the show how utterly gorgeous Robbie’s close was. He took us up, banged us around and slowly let DC Nightlife down on a cloud of Juicy house music.

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